“Life is good in Villeneuve-sur-Lot,” insists the national police

“Life is good in Villeneuve-sur-Lot,” insists the national police
“Life is good in Villeneuve-sur-Lot,” insists the national police

The figures presented by the number 2 of the police station, Commander Tranchant, Thursday May 2, during the plenary meeting of the Local Security and Delinquency Prevention Council (CLSPD), allow a dive into the concrete. He repeated it twice: “Life is good in Villeneuve. » Even if “judicial activity is constantly increasing. »

Between 2020 and 2023, it increased by 15.36%, reaching 3,409 files processed. At the same time, 3,820 interventions following a public event or a call to 17 feed the statistics, which establish the average police intervention duration at 5.04 minutes. That of being picked up at reception, to which nearly 7,000 people presented themselves last year, is 14 minutes on average.

Numbers on the rise

The picture painted has become clearer. In terms of staff, with 77 agents, the ranks of the police station have never been so full since… 2009. Ten years later, they had shrunk to only 62 officials. “There are now always two to three police emergency crews on the ground, 24 hours a day, seven days a week when, in the past, it was sometimes difficult for us to have one permanently,” admitted the officer who never stopped praising the excellent understanding with the municipal police.

“It’s a point of contact, before delivery. There are very few products. Ubershit is not a legend »

This “propitious period” makes it possible to reduce the stock of files to be processed, to put a little more blue on the public highway and to increase the elucidation rate, which exceeds 50%… Everything is not rosy for as many with, on average, two incidents of domestic violence to be dealt with per week (107 incidents of domestic violence in 2023, compared to 85 in 2022 and 146 in 2021). A scourge that is difficult to apprehend despite the establishment of a “flag group” made up of five police officers responsible for managing these cases in real time.

Focus on rue des Cieutat

With break-ins down sharply, only 21 incidents of violent theft in 2023, “often between alcoholic friends,” Commander Tranchant contextualizes, “we are not surrounded by violence on the public highway. » The results of Road Safety, in 2023, are also a reason for satisfaction: no deaths to deplore in the 117 km² of the territory (Villeneuve, Bias and Pujols) of the police station. Against five the previous year…

What about narcotics, “a theme dear to everyone, which worries a lot when we talk about rue des Cieutat”? Deputy district head Norbert Jurkowski is categorical: “There is nothing, but there are not that many drugs. This is a point of contact, before delivery. There are very few products. Ubershit is not a legend. » On the other hand, the cocaine deal is gaining momentum and is closely monitored. Another “worrying phenomenon”: violence against the police. In 2023, 35 refusals to comply, 25 insults and 24 acts of violence against persons holding public authority were recorded in the territory under the jurisdiction of the police station.

On the judicial level

Out of a total of 950 decisions rendered in Lot-et-Garonne by the judicial court during the year 2023, 101 were issued following the single judge hearings held at the Villeneuve-sur-Lot local court. , indicated the public prosecutor Olivier Naboulet. That is double last year, “which is not a reflection of an increase in delinquency, but of a different orientation of cases. » In 2023, 101 appearances on prior admission of guilt (CRPC) were heard in the bastide. This CLSPD also allowed the prosecutor to return to a social phenomenon: youth delinquency. “There is no feeling of insecurity strictly speaking. Rather a feeling of inappropriate behavior by students which, compared to the number of complaints from National Education staff brought to the attention of the national police or the gendarmerie, is very low. Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. »

(1) Chaired by Mayor Guillaume Lepers, it brought together the sub-prefect, the public prosecutor, representatives of the national and municipal police, the municipalities of Bias and Pujols, as well as partner associations and heads of establishments school for two and a half hours. We will come back to this.



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