what’s new in Sarlat this summer?

what’s new in Sarlat this summer?
what’s new in Sarlat this summer?

While foreign accents begin to resonate in La Traverse and certain stores and restaurants emerge from their winter lethargy, the tourist office (OT) of Sarlat (Dordogne) presents the new products that will punctuate the summer season. The most unexpected is undoubtedly the murder party (investigation evening) set up from Monday July 8 (8:30 p.m.). “We wanted to offer something other than guided night tours,” explains Sébastien Debarge, the director of the OT. This way, every night there will be something different. »

New visits

This game was designed in partnership with the company La Cape Noire and its founder, Jérôme Merchadou. “We really wanted to combine the city’s heritage and the game,” explains Katia Veyret, deputy director of the OT.

“Every night there will be something different”

Concerning the visits strictly speaking, three little news have appeared in the catalog of Sarladaise proposals. The premiere is only scheduled four times between June and the end of August. This is a visit to Sarlat through the eyes of the noble families who made the city. “This will make it possible to follow the evolution of the city,” emphasizes Katia Veyret. But this is aimed at people who already have an appetite for history. » It is the historian Anne Bécheau who will be in charge. “These are somewhat ‘privilege’ visits”, underlines the deputy director of the OT. Same thing on the banks of the Dordogne, in La Roque-Gageac, where the history of the village will be discussed through the bargemen.

Finally, the last novelty in terms of visit, the one concocted by the tour guide Marie Calonne and which will highlight the seventh art in Sarlat, with the visit to the locations of the various filmings that the city of La Boétie has seen.

Small train

Another novelty, and not the least, the little train is arriving in Sarlat. Tested during the Christmas market, the attraction will be there this summer. That said, no visit to the historic center, which is too complicated to set up. On the other hand, passengers will be able to have high views of the medieval city. “By taking twin tickets, this allows you to discover all aspects of the city,” says Sébastien Debarge. On the one hand, with the train, we will have a global vision of the city. Then, with our guided tours, people will go into more detail. »

Another area of ​​progress, the boutique, which wishes to further develop “made in France”, and more particularly “made in Périgord”. “In the long term, we would like to achieve 80% of products made in France and Périgord,” specifies the director.

The arrival of the Flow bike

Last news, and not the least, the arrival of the Flow bike in Sarlat on June 1st. As a reminder, this cycle route connects the island of Aix, in Charente-Maritime, to Thiviers, then Condat, Le Lardin and, therefore, soon, Sarlat. 38 km in Périgord noir which pass through places to discover, such as Archignac or Saint-Geniès and its slate roofs. “There is a real demand for this form of tourism,” smiles the manager. We can develop actions around that. »



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