This farm in Puy-de-Dôme will soon offer bread with its peasant wheat

This farm in Puy-de-Dôme will soon offer bread with its peasant wheat
This farm in Puy-de-Dôme will soon offer bread with its peasant wheat

There is no shortage of projects for the eight partners in charge of the Petite Mouliche farm in Cunlhat. The latest, the acquisition of a mill, to produce its flour and offer bread from September.

Since November 2023, a collective of eight partners has been in charge of the Petite Mouliche farm in Vironne, in Cunlhat. It was during Covid that their big ideas began to come to fruition. After meeting in agronomy studies and in activist networks in Clermont-Ferrand and elsewhere, discussions on their collective installation project began via video. In April 2021, they visited Orlane and Didier’s farm in Vironne and fell in love with the place and the territory.

Peasant agriculture

“We want to practice peasant and agroecological agriculture. That is to say, working the land to produce in sustainable, ecological and profitable conditions,” specifies the collective.

Our agricultural practices are part of an approach of respect for biodiversity and links to living things, in complementarity with the local dynamics of the territory.

“We organize ourselves under shared governance. At La Petite Mouliche, no leaders, but workshop or task referents, meetings and decision-making based on consent.”

Today, 30 ewes, 45 lambs and 14 goats have joined the ranks of the farm. The production of organic vegetables has started and the first harvests are for sale on site. Sheep’s milk is used to make yogurt.

Soon the creation of a flour mill

But this is only the beginning. Projects abound. The farmers plan to create a flour mill with the acquisition of an Astrié-type stone mill which will make it possible to produce flour from cereals grown on site. Romane and Amande have completed training in farming and baking and will be offering bread made from their peasant wheat from September.

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They also want to install a mixed milking parlor and create a laboratory/shop for the production of goat and sheep cheeses. Noëlie, Célien and Lucie already produce sheep’s yogurt. Finally, they plan to install an irrigation system for the market gardening greenhouses. Alice, Adeline and Joséphine market their first vegetables.

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