“Rani Assaf is living her last months at Nîmes Olympique”

“Rani Assaf is living her last months at Nîmes Olympique”
“Rani Assaf is living her last months at Nîmes Olympique”

This Saturday, May 4, Crocos supporters are invited to the Costières stadium by the “Sauvons le Nîmes Olympique” collective to officially launch the fundraising for the “CrocoSocios” project. Corentin Carpentier, co-president of the Sauvons le Nîmes Olympique collective, gives the objectives.

Objectif Gard: Can you explain concretely what the Socios project is?

Corentin Carpentier: It is to put the supporters at the heart of Nîmes Olympique to allow the public to become a decision-making partner with the club. Currently, the club has cut itself off from its supporters and its DNA. Usually, the public’s grinta pushes players trained at Nîmes Olympique, but this training no longer exists at the professional level. Our Socios project therefore aims to allow supporters to have shares in the club’s capital and therefore to participate in the life of the NO.

What is the purpose of a supporter donating money?

By taking a stake in the club, our aim is to have a supporter representative on the board of directors. Within our CrocoSocios association, it is “one supporter, one voice”. Every year or every two years, a representative will be able to speak on behalf of all the supporters within the club’s board of directors to make the voice of the supporters heard by the buyers and future owners of the club. We will collect funds and keep them in a secure account while waiting to learn more about the buyer of Nîmes Olympique. The more of us there are, the more influence we will be able to have in discussions with future buyers.

How will the supporters’ representative be appointed?

The representative will be chosen as in a democratic association. Initially, this Socios project is an association that can take several forms. Either it will remain an association, or it can transform into a cooperative society of collective interest (SCIC) in order to acquire a stake in the club’s capital. Internally, our mode of governance will be democratic, general assemblies will be organized. They will allow us to discuss different subjects and report our observations to the club. Obviously, a vote will be organized to define the person who will represent the supporters’ voice on the club’s board of directors.

Rani Assaf does not officially want to sell the club. Why are you continuing this project?

We must prepare for the future of Nîmes Olympique. We want a return to basics and a return to the values ​​of our club. The public is very involved and very present. We have a history to revive, particularly with local roots linked to the players we train here. We are preparing the foundations for a future takeover project for Nîmes Olympique when Rani Assaf is determined and decided to officially sell the club. We have no doubt that Rani Assaf is living her last months with Nîmes Olympique.

At what level will your voice be heard by the potential next buyer of the NO?

We have no limits. The more funds we have, the more influence we will have in negotiations with future buyers. Sochaux raised €800,000, Guingamp had raised €600,000. If I had to give a personal objective that would boost me, I think we could be in a similar range, between €600,000 and €800,000. The goal is to succeed in mobilizing as many supporters and the Nîmes economic fabric as possible, which we will obviously call upon in the weeks to come. Until then, we must support our players at the stadium. We hope for as many people as possible at the stadium for Nîmes-Sochaux next week. If we run away, we will have the capacity to seek out buyers and launch this Socios project which is so close to our hearts.



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