VIDEO. The Dordogne Valley Grand Prix: the only freshwater kayak fishing competition in the Lot

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On June 16, it’s time for the second edition of the Dordogne Valley Grand Prix. The only freshwater kayak fishing competition. It’s going to happen in the Lot, and registrations are already full.

“The Dordogne Valley Grand Prix is ​​organized by the AAPPMA (Approved Association for Fishing and the Protection of the Aquatic Environment) of the Souillac region. It is the only freshwater fishing kayak competition,” rejoices Luc Matosevic, President of the association. In general, kayak fishing is done at sea, in regions like or .

But the Souillaguais decided to ride the float tube wave. It is a floating seat made up of inflatable compartments, used for recreational fishing in fresh water, which the user moves, while fishing, using fins. He turns his back to his direction and has water more or less high on his legs depending on the design and adjustment of the seat. “On the Dordogne, it’s impossible to use the float tube, it’s not stable enough, there’s too much current. So we tried the experiment with kayaks!”, slips Luc Matosevic. The first edition, last year, was a huge success: 76 competitors attempted the adventure. This year, registrations are already closed: with more than 90 registered, solo or duo. “There are people from Lotois but also guys from Vendée, Charente … The concept appeals!” continues the man who is also the owner of the company “Fish and Gîtes”.

Trout, pike or even perch

But then, kayak fishing, quesaco? “The principle is simple: we go from point A to point B by canoe. This year, we leave from the “La Rivière” campsite in Lacave. We will make a stop to eat at the foot of the Bastit castle and then Arrival takes place in Quercyland, in Souillac”, describes Luc Matosevic. A journey of around fifteen kilometers. Participants must fish throughout the event. There are commissioners along the way. “The fish must absolutely remain alive. The fisherman manages to keep it alive, in a net or other… Then, the catch is measured by one of the commissioners. They release them immediately. On arrival, we add up the length of the fish last year had 1.40 meters with six fish. If someone catches a 1.10 meter pike from the start, he is almost sure to win!” confides the president of the. ‘AAPPMA of the country of Souillac.

A young Cadurcian proud of his prey.
Photo provided by Luc Matosevic

At this time, in the water, it will be possible to find trout, pike, chub, perch or even barbel. Species that eat other fish in short. An important detail since during the competition, only lure fishing is authorized. “We cannot use flies or worms. We will use an imitation of a small fish. By reeling, we animate it, it makes us believe that it is a small fish to eat,” explains Luc Matosevic. This is why, for example, it will be very difficult to catch a carp since it is omnivorous and feeds in particular on plant debris, molluscs (including freshwater mussels of the Anodont genus) and other invertebrates. (insect larvae, worms and crustaceans).

Big prizes at stake

For this grand prize, it was possible to register as a solo or duo. The Copeyre company is lending 60 canoes for the occasion. But some fishermen are well equipped with competition kayaks: the boats are equipped for this activity. Some have, for example, pedals which allow the fisherman to control his canoe while having his hands free to fish. To ensure the logistics of this event, 25 volunteers are on deck. Safety boats will obviously be ready to rescue fishermen in difficulty.

During the first edition of the grand prize.
Photo provided by Luc Matosevic

There are big prizes up for grabs for this grand prize: a trip to Ireland, two kayaks, float tubes and even fishing rods. “These are really great rewards. And that would not be possible without our partners: Edf Hydro, the community of communes of Cauvaldor or even the fishing federation…”, concludes the president of the AAPPMA of the Pays de Souillac.



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