Finistère: everything you need to know about bagad music

Finistère: everything you need to know about bagad music
Finistère: everything you need to know about bagad music

By Martine De Saint Jan
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May 4, 24 at 11:20

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The creation of the first bagad in Carhaix dates back to 1948. “It was by playing together in workshops that the bell ringers wanted to come together. They were inspired by pipe bands Scottish to create the bagadù”, says Patrig Sicard, archivist of Sonerien Penn ar Bed, the departmental federation of bagadoublis and ringers.

This federation was founded in 1964. Its sixtieth anniversary is the occasion of an exhibition, 60 years of bagad music in Finistèrepresented in the hall of Quimper town hall until the end of May 2024.

2000 affiliated musicians

“Training is the primary purpose of the federation. She hired her first teacher in 1983. There are now twenty of them, who work with a thousand students in 35 member associations. »

Hervé Goyec, president of Sonerion Penn ar Bed.

No less than 2000 musicians are affiliated with the Finistère federation!

The exhibition recalls all the bagadù that have existed since 1948. Half are still active. Record in Quimper where there are 10 groups.

The panels also present the instruments of the bagad: the bombarde, the bagpipes and the Scottish snare drum. They also explain how the competition“the best way for young people to progress”.

Oral transmission

A map of Brittany indicates the different terroirs which gave birth to several repertoires of music and dance, which serve as subjects for competitions.

“The ringers must know all the traditions. But few things are written, everything goes through oral transmission. Our music is not played with a score, but through impregnation. »

Patrig Sicard, Sonerion Penn ar Bed archivist.

We will be able to appreciate it during the next big meeting organized by Sonerion Penn ar Bed: Gouel Sonerion, Saturday May 25 in Quimper. A competition for fifth category bagadù.

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