“I would like Basket Landes to reward itself”

“I would like Basket Landes to reward itself”
“I would like Basket Landes to reward itself”

Did you come back especially from Springfield, in the United States, where the Bleues du 3×3 were playing a Women’s Series, to see the Coupe de France final at Bercy?

When I saw that it could line up, it made sense for me to go see the girls, support them, see the fans… I then took the train with everyone following. It was so nice to see everyone again.

How did you experience this final from the very side of the field?

It’s true that I was very well placed! I had a great time, there was a lot of atmosphere, a match with a lot of intensity. It’s a shame that Basket Landes lost in the end, I obviously would have liked them to be able to do the “three-peat” (treble, Editor’s note). In the last quarter, Bourges controlled it a little better, we felt that there was more knowledge of this type of event. I put myself in their place: the first time I went there… It obviously brings a lot of emotions, it’s quite impressive. But the girls were not unworthy.

You don’t have too many memories that come back?

Yes, obviously. But I have a lot of fun remembering them, they are great memories. It was nice to see all this sea of ​​blue and white again, to see the girls warming up. But I was really there as a BL supporter, I still have a lot of friends on the team. I was there more to have a good time than to think about my experience.

You had Clarince Djaldi-Tabdi’s jersey on your back, you spent three seasons with Kendra Chery. But do you know the other players?

Yohana (Ewodo), Sixtine (Macquet) and Marie (Pardon), with whom we are on the French 3×3 team together. So we’ve known each other for a while, we bond. But the fact of having come back regularly, of playing against the girls for a while, means that Lex and Luisa are people I like. When we meet, we talk, we get news. I know almost everyone.

Did you fly from Springfield to Paris with Cierra Burdick, who was playing with Team USA 3×3?

She took it the next day! When we met, we said “Hey, it’s been a long time!” » I didn’t know she was coming, I thought it was great but Cierra doesn’t surprise me.

Like everyone else, are you – positively – surprised by the Basket Landes season?

Contrary to what I heard from the start, I found that the team was very well put together. I said to myself “this looks good”, and that we were going to have to be wary of it. Then, the magic of Julie (Barennes), the BL effect, the girls who made it all possible… they won very quickly. I thought it was going to take longer, but they were a steamroller from the start.

They are having a great season. Being undefeated at home doesn’t happen every year. They showed that they had character. To climb to 3rd place in the championship with 80% of the squad renewed is a hell of a performance. They gave us a Coupe de France final, now they are in the semi-finals of the championship. I would like them to bring back something to reward the season they had.

Will you have the opportunity to be present if they go to the LFB final?

I don’t think so: I won’t be coming back to Mont-de-Marsan for a while. And I will count fewer and fewer discharge days.

To talk about yourself, how do you judge this year and this pre-Olympic preparation?

We were in a development process. We are going to go through a selection process: there are eight of us and there are four places. But the interesting phase is coming, apart from next week where we are going to send physical work and a little ch… (smile). Afterwards, we will play a lot of official tournaments, the WS.

I’m really happy to have experienced this season, I learned lots of new things, to function differently, to train alone, not to have competition, which was a bit of a downside. But we learn to do something else, I didn’t find it taking long. I followed the steps, whether physically or technically. There was no monotony. I didn’t have a bad experience of not having any competition. I won’t necessarily do it again, but I know why I did it. And anyway, I will return to 5×5 next season, so no worries about that.

Some 3×3 girls have already been announced for LFB clubs next season. And you ?

I can’t announce it yet. It’s not signed, I can’t say I have a club. But I have a rather interesting project that may come my way. I hope it comes to fruition.

It’s probably not in Basket Landes, but could you come back one day?

I confirm (laughs)! Basket Landes is really a club that I like. I was in a comfort zone without it being pejorative, it didn’t change anything on the idea that I wanted to challenge myself. But it’s a club whose values ​​I share, where I built my life, where I built myself as a woman, as a player. It will always remain one of my favorite clubs. So yes, it would be with great pleasure to come back to it later. It’s not a door that I close. At all.



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