AS Passage FC Hunting for points

AS Passage FC Hunting for points
AS Passage FC Hunting for points

The Passageois who still have 4 matches to play are fighting with OS Agenais for second place.

Port-Feugarolles – FCPA 47 (2)

One is about to go down, the other has validated his accession. This unbalanced duel will oppose Porto-Feugarollais (11th) authors of a disastrous season to members of FCPA 47 demobilized after their historic success (17 to 1 against Sainte-Bazeille) which allowed them to definitively secure first place of the general.

Astaffort – AS Passage FC

Still poorly classified (10th) and therefore threatened with a descent, the Astaffortais will be in danger. They will be faced with Passageois who, after the draw conceded last Wednesday at Castelmoron (1 to 1), no longer have any room for error.

Agen RC – OS Agenais

This derby is crucial for OSA (2nd) which, after its defeat at Castillonnès (3 to 1), must no longer lose points in its last two matches. The Racingmen (5th) who had obtained a draw in the first leg (2 to 2), are aiming for a success to end the season in good style.

Boé 3 – Castillonnès

The Boétien second knives (7th) who remain on two convincing successes must do it again to consolidate their place in the middle of the table. They will be opposed to the Castillonnésiens (8th) who follow at one point and who need a result to completely reassure themselves about their future at this level.

Gontaud 2 – Castelmoron

The Gontaudais reservists (9th) who are under the threat of a descent must gain the upper hand over the Castelmoronnais (4th) who will defend their place in the major five.

Sainte-Bazeille – Pays du Dropt 2

Slapped last weekend at the leader, the Bazeillaise rogue lantern should suffer again in front of the Assaïs reservists (6th) who need a good result to validate their maintenance.




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