Foreign delegations enter the tournament

Foreign delegations enter the tournament
Foreign delegations enter the tournament

After three days (5 qualifying rounds) of sometimes very competitive matches, four boys and two girls will, this morning, be able to compete in a first round of international qualifying. Objective: reach the final table of this U12 tournament.

The last Lot-et-Garonnais in the race, Antonin Venezian from Casteljaloux was, unfortunately, eliminated yesterday morning by the Breton Elouan Touze. Among the young girls, Mathilde Ramis from Caudecoste could not do anything against Tarnaise Maxine Limol. We should nevertheless find her during this first round of international qualifications where she will probably have been able to be drafted.

The level of this international U12 tournament will rise significantly from today onwards, with its peak starting on Monday May 6 and the start of the final draw.

Third series heads in the running

The international qualifying table (32 boys and 32 girls) was established by full draw. It is difficult, in fact, to identify top seeds at this age level and to prioritize rankings which are far from being harmonized between the different federations. However, we note that 12-year-old players, ranked at 15/1, will have been forced to go through international qualifications to earn the right to face some of the best U12s in the world. Specialists will appreciate…

It is strongly recommended to come and take a look at the Saint-Germes sports complex this weekend and even more so throughout next week, during which the sun should be quite plentiful.

Results of the final round of national qualifications
Girls: Loéna Marrucho beats Zélie Robert-Marechal 6/1 1/6 10/7 – Maxine Limol beats Mathilde Ramis 6/3 6/3
Boys: Ulysse d’Amiens beats C. Escamillac 7/5 6/2 – Henry Dian-Flon beats Paul Ackou 6/2 6/3 – Maxence Gros beats Loris Tartarin 6/2 6/4 – Elouan Touze beats Aurélien Govindin 6/ 0 6/0.




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