identitarians deploy hateful banners before the white march – Libération

identitarians deploy hateful banners before the white march – Libération
identitarians deploy hateful banners before the white march – Libération

Nationalist activists displayed banners in front of the town hall of Châteauroux on the evening of Friday May 3, on the eve of the white march in memory of the teenager killed last week. Despite the family’s appeal against any recovery.

Matisse’s family had warned: no political recovery, particularly from the far right, on the body of the teenager killed last week in Châteauroux. Their appeal was not respected. Friday evening, on the eve of a white march organized this Saturday, May 4, around ten masked activists dressed in black took over the city center of the Indre prefecture, displaying tricolor flags and banners bearing the messages “Justice for Matisse” and “Français awake”, according to France Bleu.

The rally was held on Place de la République, in front of Châteauroux town hall. Public radio reports that one of the activists says he belongs to the “Animus Fortis” group, an aggregate of Berry identitarians, and that he describes himself as “revolutionary nationalist”. Another participant in the rally read a text which concluded with the words: “Afghans outside“.

“Be careful of all the right-wing parties or elsewhere who appropriate this type of thing”

The teenager succumbed to his wounds last Saturday, after several stab wounds during a “brawl” that occurred in the Saint-Denis district, and the suspect in the murder is of Afghan nationality, in a regular situation. He was indicted Monday evening and placed in pre-trial detention. Since then, the far-right’s recovery machine has been in full swing, recalling the mechanisms already at work after the death of Thomas, in Crépol (Drôme).

On social networks and in encrypted messaging loops, photos of the suspect, his parents, and links to his personal accounts are shared. Considering “pressures” and the presence of “very young children” within this family, the prefect of Indre, Thibault Lanxade, assured that “means were implemented to secure them from Thursday evening”.

“Let’s not mix things up. Pay attention to all the right-wing parties or elsewhere who appropriate this type of thing”, declared Matisse’s father, Christophe Marchais, on RTL at the beginning of the week. Matisse’s family “does not want us to talk about immigration, to talk about nationality. It’s not something that resembles them”had also warned the mayor of Châteauroux, Gil Avérous, during a press conference.

A CRS company as reinforcement

To avoid any excess during the white march, which must start at 3:30 p.m., the prefecture has decided to “reinforcement of a CRS company” alongside the gendarmes and police officers of the department and the police outfit “checks on motorway exits and entrances to the Châteauroux urban area”. “Any act which would tend to use this white march and would not be in conformity with the republican spirit, will be closely notified by the security forces”warned the prefect.

“The family invites all participants to show respect throughout the route so that the walk takes place in a peaceful and united spirit”, says a press release from the Châteauroux metropolis. The walk, the route of which is not revealed for “security reasons”, “will probably pass by the restaurant of the father of Matisse (Jeux 2 Goûts, editor’s note), with a stroll through the city”said the prefect.

According to the latter, “3,000 to 10,000 people” are expected in this usually peaceful town of 43,000 inhabitants, where many traders have put photos of otters in their windows on Friday, thus responding to the call launched on Facebook by Matisse’s father, Christophe Marchais, who nicknamed his child “my otter” or “Matou”.



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