the medieval festival season is launched

the medieval festival season is launched
the medieval festival season is launched

Les Seigneuriales, May 4 and 5, in Coucy-le-Château

For the 18e consecutive year, Coucy-le-Château, in Aisne, invites you this Saturday, May 4 (from 2 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.) and this Sunday, May 5 (from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.) to live in medieval time. On the program, around fifty artisans will offer you items inspired by the Middle Ages and the fantasy world: cutlery, wooden objects, leathers, costumes, but also delicacies that will delight your taste buds. This year, the market will have a total of eight medieval camps, animated continuously, including the Seigneurie de Coucy which will present the daily life of the 14the century ! Also find minstrels, dancers and other storytellers. The volunteers responsible for heritage restoration will offer a visit to the Porte de Laon site currently being restored, as well as various workshops: blacksmithing, carpentry and stone cutting.

Free admission. Info:

The Sedan medieval festival on May 11 and 12

This year, the medieval festival will return earlier than usual since it will be held on Saturday May 11 (from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and Sunday May 12 (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) in Sedan. An advanced date so as not to coexist with the Charleville-Mézières beer festival which takes place the following weekend. The event will have the theme “the fire festival” and the edition promises to be special since we will also celebrate the 600 years of the castle which, as a reminder, was elected Favorite Monument of the French in 2023. Throughout the week -end, you can stroll between the medieval camps and historical reenactments with many insights into the daily life of the time, cuisine, weapons, war machines, calligraphy, weaving, blacksmithing… Throughout the On weekends, many troupes will entertain you with musical strolls, concerts, street theater, juggling, fire eaters and dance.

Highly acclaimed by the public, the chivalry tournaments will be back this year. And for the first time, a complete space will be reserved for them because the tournaments will take place in the parking lot of the Deux châteaux and the public will be able to watch the show, seated in the stands. The Unicorn Legends company, which has already come in the past, will provide the shows. There will be two performances per day, at 2 and 4 p.m. And another show will be given on Saturday at 10 p.m. after the arrival of the parade. A nighttime spectacle, combining fire, horses and fireworks. Please note that there will be a charge for the shows, in addition to the festival entry ticket. Allow €3 extra for adults and €2 for children. (free for children under 8 years old).

1 day rates from €4.50 to €9 (excluding tournaments), weekend rate €6.50 to €12 (excluding weekends).

Medievals of Champagne in Muizon from May 18 to 20

For three days, immerse yourself in the medieval world of the Art’ata Company. On the program: entertainment and camps throughout the day, chivalry show and medieval banquet. For this third edition, find Count de Muizon and his acolytes in new, ever more incredible adventures. A 1 hour 20 minute comedy show with equestrian stunts, fights, technical effects and breathtaking actions! Throughout the afternoon, you can visit the medieval camps and enjoy numerous activities: medieval games, culinary discovery, calligraphy workshops, introduction to sword fighting, pony rides and mini-shows await you. For an evening, immerse yourself in the medieval world of the great banquet where a tasty meal accompanied by our acrobats and jesters await you.

Prices from 14 to 19€; possibility of family passes at 45 and 65€; and banquet at €24 (child), €48 (adults).

The Johannine Festivals of Reims on May 25 and 26

Reims will honor, as every year, Joan of Arc, the one who delivered the city from the English yoke and had Charles VII crowned in the cathedral on July 17, 1429. And it is through a Joan of Arc embodied this year by Alicia Marquet, student in health, that the city of Reims has “chosen to participate in the transmission, towards future generations, of this page in the history of Reims and of France”.

On May 25 and 26, artisan stalls and artists’ studios will be set up around the cathedral. The streets will come alive to the rhythm of shows, music and numerous historical reenactments… As for the square and gardens of the basilica, they will come alive to the rhythm of old-fashioned games, falconry shows and other activities for children. The artisans of the medieval market will offer delicacies and objects straight from the Middle Ages… The coronation route will host the grand parade with, at its head, Joan of Arc and Charles VII riding their steeds. The allegorical characters of the coronation of the Dauphin Charles will follow: the four hostages of the Holy Ampoule, the constable of France and the twelve peers – lay and ecclesiastics – present during the coronation ceremony. Medieval companies from the four corners of France and acrobats will parade in succession and will present, throughout the procession, original and surprising numbers to say the least.

The medieval markets and all the activities will be open Saturday May 25 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday May 26 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The parade will set off from the Saint-Remi basilica to reach the cathedral on Saturday at 9 p.m.

The Medievales of Provins on June 1 and 2

It is the biggest medieval festival in France: the Médiévales de Provins, in Seine-et-Marne, will take place on Saturday 1er June from 10 a.m. to midnight and Sunday June 2 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For two days, troubadours, acrobats and crowd entertainers will give you a timeless experience by transporting you to the 12the century, at the time of the famous Champagne Fairs! Find artisans, merchants and fans of the medieval era scattered throughout the medieval city, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Last year, the festivities welcomed 105,000 visitors, with a 1.5 km parade, 320 artisans and 3,000 costumed visitors.

Prices 13 euros one day, 18 euros two days. For costumed people, entry 7 euros one day, 10 euros two days. Free for children under 12.

The Ducales of Guise from June 14 to 16

The Ducales de Guise, the annual medieval festival of the Guise castle, will be back on June 14, 15 and 16. “ The event brings in re-enactment troops who camp on the site all weekend, liven up the festival and present to the public civil and military life in the Middle Ages », explained in February in our columns the director of the castle, Emilie Mathot. “ The presence of troops allows you to discover, for a day, the fortified castle of Guise as it might have been in the Middle Ages… “.

On the program: free or guided tour of the castle, knights’ encampment, combat demonstrations, presentation of weapons… Daily life: dishes, laundry care, calligraphy, herbalism, games… Artillery: firing demonstration with different artillery pieces. Crafts: leather, bones, wood, textiles, wool, etc. Cooking: preparing and eating meals in front of the public. Animals: small enclosure with rabbits, chickens… Music: demonstration of medieval music, presentation of instruments, history… Equestrian shows / chivalry tournaments. Participatory medieval battle with foam weapons.

The entrance fee to the festival is the same as the usual castle tour, but with all camps, shows and entertainment all day long. Full price: €8. Reduced €6 (under 18, student, job seeker, disabled person). Free under 6 years old.

The Medievals of Château-Thierry on July 20 and 21

Last year, around the Castels association, a new team made it possible to effectively relaunch the Médiévales. In mid-July 2023, this event took place over a weekend within the grounds of the Old Castle. With a good turnout over two days. We cannot replace a winning team! The 2024 Médiévales will take place on July 20 and 21. Entrance will be free. It is true that Château-Thierry has a heritage of choice to host such an event. Moreover, for years, the dream of all Castels decision-makers has been to compete with the neighboring town of Provins, also well known for its medieval castle and its festival.

In the heart of July, during a festive weekend for those who work, or as a destination for tourists visiting the area, these Medievals have quickly succeeded in establishing themselves as a new July event in the south of Aisne. Also last year, a longship was even towed to the center of the Château Castel! A real Viking longship, belonging to an enthusiast from Franche-Comté, and the boat had also sailed up the Marne on Saturday morning.

Demonstrations, reconstructions, artisan workshops, period music, juggling, fire-breathing, pyrotechnics, on July 20 and 21, there will be something for all fans of the Middle Ages. Helped by numerous private and public partners, the Castels association therefore has the ambition to repeat this success.

Free admission.




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