in Drôme and Ardèche, time for negotiations


In Privas, we can discuss on the basis of €1,544/m². GUY CHRISTIAN/HEMIS.FR

Decryption These two renowned departments are suffering from a decline in borrowing capacity. Buyers and sellers alike are waiting, unless they review their claims.

By Valérie Ferrer

Published on May 3, 2024 at 11:01 a.m.


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Living in Lyon, Saint-Etienne, in the Drôme… Real estate prices, advice and trends in the region

On both sides of the Rhône, professionals note stagnation. “As everywhere in France, our two sectors showed a drop in sales volumes of around 25% in 2023. The rise in rates has caused the purchasing power of buyers to fall. So, when a person who earns €3,000 per month could borrow €245,000 in 2022, today they can only claim €195,000. Its borrowing capacity has therefore decreased by €50,000,” explains Delphine Jasinski, president of the Fnaim Drôme-Ardèche chamber and manager of three agencies.

A loss of purchasing power which puts the market under pressure. Especially since for the moment prices have only fallen very slightly: – 0.6% in Ardèche and – 0.9% in Drôme. Delphine Jasinski continues: “Buyers are disillusioned when they see their project become unrealizable. I encourage them to acquire a smaller, less expensive property that they will resell in a few years, when the market has evolved. Because it will inevitably evolve.…

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