Authentic and picturesque, this Périgord village is one of the most beautiful in France

Authentic and picturesque, this Périgord village is one of the most beautiful in France
Authentic and picturesque, this Périgord village is one of the most beautiful in France

The Dordogne valley is full of towns labeled “Most Beautiful Villages of France”. Among them, at the crossroads between the Vézère and the Dordogne, Limeuil allows you to immerse yourself in the history of the Périgord Noir. This medieval city has indeed managed to preserve its typical architecture as well as period heritage. It also allows you to enjoy a unique panorama of the surrounding area, explains the Lascaux-Dordogne tourist office.

Remarkable remains and gardens

From the first glance, the visitor will be charmed by the picturesque town of Limeuil. He can visit it by strolling through its carreyrous, these alleys typical of the region. The route through the village begins at the port gate, a 15th century fortificatione century which bears witness to the many tensions that the village has experienced: the Viking invasions, the Hundred Years’ War then the Wars of Religion. The rest of the walk then reveals various remains, such as the old forge.

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Among the places not to be missed in the town are the panoramic gardens. They are located at the very top of the village, on the site of the old castle. In addition to offering one of the most beautiful views of the surrounding area, this green space also constitutes a fun and educational park. From this location, you can see the Saint-Martin church, an old Romanesque chapel from the 12th century.e century, located one kilometer to the northeast. It is also worth a visit, especially for its murals.

A village always lively

To appreciate all the richness of life in this city, you have to open the doors of its stalls, to meet the artists and craftsmen who have set up shop, or even go to one of its markets. There is the usual Sunday morning market, but also an annual potters’ market. Painting competitions, concerts, and even pétanque competitions enliven the village the rest of the year.

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At the bottom, the old port, whose river activity brought prosperity to the surrounding area until the 18th century.e century, allows you to discover local gastronomy in several restaurants. From the port, all the beauty of the surrounding nature opens up to travelers. They can swim in the two rivers, or take a canoe trip.

From each village gate, you can also take hiking trails, such as the “Grande Boucle de Limeuil” (13 km). The Voie Verte along the Vézère river also begins in the town.



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