“The more time passed, the more he dared”: at the Ariège court, a forty-year-old judged for several sexual assaults and rapes on his nephew and his friends

“The more time passed, the more he dared”: at the Ariège court, a forty-year-old judged for several sexual assaults and rapes on his nephew and his friends
“The more time passed, the more he dared”: at the Ariège court, a forty-year-old judged for several sexual assaults and rapes on his nephew and his friends

the essential
A 44-year-old man is on trial until May 7 before the Ariège Assize Court for rape of a minor.

3 minutes and 30 seconds: this is the time it took for the president of the Foix Assize Court, whose session opened this Thursday, May 2, to list the long list of charges against Fabrice *, forty-year-old living in Couserans. He is in fact accused of rape, assault and sexual assault committed against minors aged 15 and of capturing and possessing child pornography images, a heavy case that the three judges and six jurors will endeavor to judge. until Tuesday May 7.

However, when he sits in the accused box, Fabrice, dressed in a smart white sweater over a dark shirt, does not seem overwhelmed by the crimes with which he is accused. For good reason, during this first afternoon of appearance, the man with the smooth and round face, with black hair which is starting to thin out on the top of his head, does not lose his composure and does not let much of his face show through. emotions, responding in a clear voice to the court’s questions and holds the same defense: he only recognizes a few facts and denies the others. However, this is not what the victims, three young men born between 2004 and 2009, say.

Four child and adolescent victims

The first to denounce the actions was Fabrice’s nephew, Noé*, who told his parents that his uncle touched his buttocks and penis twice. Living in Puy-de-Dôme, the complaint was filed there, but part of the file was transferred to Ariège in view of the place of residence of Fabrice, who denounces Noé’s “theories as crazy as his parents”. The gendarmes’ investigation ended up identifying three other victims: Quentin*, son of a close friend of Fabrice who is his “heart godfather”, Léo*, of his friends, and Louis*, son of a friends of the accused.

During a search, Fabrice’s computer and hard drives were seized. On it are found 142 child pornography photos and videos recorded by the computer’s webcam where we see a tattooed man performing several sexual acts on an unidentified person, but of juvenile appearance: investigations will reveal that he is It was Quentin. One of the gendarmes who investigated who will testify at the end of the afternoon before the court will describe “an eloquent number of photos”: “I saw the photos, it was quite impressive. It had been a long time since I had not seen that at this level,” adds the major. If Fabrice admits to having filmed the videos, he maintains that the child pornography photos were already on the computer and that he did not download them, despite his Internet searches unearthed by the gendarmes containing the keywords “teen”, ” young” or “child naturism”.

Also heard, the young victims each describe a long series of attacks. They all describe the same modus operandi, the one where Fabrice invites them to his home, where everything is permitted – late bedtimes, alcohol, cannabis –, and invites them to sleep in the same bed as him, waking up the young boys by imposing on them fellatio or masturbation. Even if they try to protect themselves – Louis explains having wrapped himself in the duvet and going down to sleep on the sofa – the three Ariégeois evoke shame and a “paralyzing” fear: what is more, “the more time happened, the more he dared”, will say Quentin, who does not describe violence but means which made them feel guilty, the accused also promising to buy them a telephone, a computer or a quad.

However, Fabrice only recognizes the facts concerning Quentin, filmed and in which he describes “a relationship consented to and desired” by the teenager between the ages of 11 and 15 even if he “acted badly”, but will deny the other accusations. According to him, Noah is “customary to lying”; he never sought to have relations with Leo; Louis is jealous of the gifts he gave his friends and plotted with the others to accuse him.

A charming personality that hides “a crack”

The first to take the stand is the personality investigator, to whom Fabrice, then incarcerated, only spoke for 15 minutes before getting angry and asking to go back to the cell. It is therefore his porches which will speak for him. Born in Germany to a mother with whom he had a close relationship and a father who died when he was 6 years old, described as harsh and addicted to alcohol, he arrived in at 7 years old. Endowed with an exceptional memory, with perfect pitch, Fabrice shines at school after a difficult first time but rests his abilities at high school: first failure of his life at this period, when a music high school in refuses him due to poor results. He turned to electrical engineering and ended up as a specialist in fiber optics, one of the best members of the team according to his superior.

Kind, sensitive, intelligent, with a deep leap, but also angry, who likes to put himself forward, who has not grown up in his head, with an addictive relationship to sex… In the hollow of the descriptions of those close to him, a man emerges. with a jovial appearance, charismatic, faithful in friendship, but who presents a “crack in life” where his faults are hidden. This is also what the psychologist who met him twice in prison described, “stunned” by the anger he showed her at first glance: “He did himself a disservice by being aggressive, angry about his conditions of detention, describing him as a free musician who cannot be confined”, relates the expert, who also informs the jury of a narcissistic personality, with a psychorigid relationship to reality and a need to assert himself. Following a question from the defense, the psychologist also recognizes that Fabrice, since this report written in 2020 and today’s trial, has been able to evolve and that his conclusions should always be taken with caution but that his fundamental traits are still there.

The portrait also highlights the defendant’s addiction to alcohol and cannabis, which earned him several convictions for driving without a license and under drugs. To his credit also, a prison sentence for violent confinement, on which he does not want to dwell. “Finally, 3 months in prison with a committal warrant is not nothing,” asks the president. “I wanted to take justice into my own hands, I had been robbed and I found the culprit faster than the police, I made him understand that it was not right,” Fabrice tries to explain. The president has to ask him three times how he made her understand so that the forty-year-old, who beats around the bush by talking about “not much violence”, “I molested him a little”, ends up talking about “slaps “: “No chestnuts,” he swears.

Sent to prison the first time, which “destroyed” him, he maintains that his alcohol consumption increased after this episode. Today, for his second detention, he describes an environment that is still difficult but where he carries out an activity which makes him feel “useful, to still serve something on this planet”. Only one incident is recorded, the one where his mother tries to give him what she says is CBD in the visiting room, but Fabrice has initiated a process with the Regional Medical-Psychological Service (SMPR) to “put words on what happens to me, what happens to us” and “understand all the harm that I have done”, the first expression of remorse that he has been able to present up until then.



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