Illegal encampment: Avenches grants a final deadline of May 25 to gypsies

Avenches grants a final deadline of May 25 to the gypsies

Published today at 5:20 p.m.

Clearly, the occupation of land by Traveler camps continues to increase. to discuss, in the canton of Vaud. Having already tolerated a camp of around thirty caravans in March, Avenches saw a second convoy set up in April, near Migros. The municipality then initiated a eviction procedure. But if around forty caravans had taken the direction of Chalet-à-Gobet, then Novillearound fifteen people remained on site, taking legal action to obtain a suspensive effect on the Municipality’s decision.

On Friday, a session with an investigating judge and all the parties took place in this camp in conditions that were far from ideal. “We could continue the legal procedure with the risk that it would get bogged down. We have chosen the path of conciliation with a final departure deadline set for May 25,” explains Gaetan Aeby, trustee of Avenches.

This decision does not impact the renewal of the authorization of the tolerated camp. This expires on May 7. On Monday, the Municipality should extend its agreement one last time, probably until mid-June.

Sébastien Galliker has been a journalist in the Vaud section since 2017. At the Payerne office, he covers news from Broye Vaud and Fribourg. A journalist since 2000, he has worked at La Broye Hebdo, in sports and in the region.More informations @sebgalliker

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