Nîmes: the Pissevin medical center is expanding… finally! – News

Nîmes: the Pissevin medical center is expanding… finally! – News
Nîmes: the Pissevin medical center is expanding… finally! – News

A stone’s throw from the Richard Wagner gallery, in the heart of the Pissevin district in Nîmes, a new era is dawning for local health. The medical office, an essential anchor point, is finally preparing to expand, thus offering a breath of fresh air to healthcare professionals and their patients.

Opposite the medical office on Place Roger-Bastide in Pissevin, three new prefabricated premises were recently installed. Two consultation rooms and a waiting room, offering a total surface area of ​​54m2, fill a glaring need in a neighborhood where access to care is essential. Because it is not a luxury, but a necessity: with 200 to 300 patients seen each day and some 10,000 patients followed in total, the space became cramped, the working conditions too restrictive for the six doctors who shared until ‘then only four offices.

A temporary solution

This temporary measure comes while awaiting the construction of a new building on the Kennedy South block, planned as part of the New National Urban Renewal Program (NPNRU). Work on the latter should begin in September.

“It’s been months, even years, since you approached the City and the SPL Agate (in charge of urban renovation, Editor’s note) regarding the Pissevin medical center,” recognizes the first deputy mayor, Julien Plantier who came on site to observe , on April 30, the fitting out of the new premises. “It wasn’t easy,” he admits, “but we finally managed to satisfy your interests,” rejoices the elected official.

Dedicated and committed doctors

But beyond the material aspect, this extension has a deeper meaning for the neighborhood. It marks the arrival of two new full-time doctors, thus strengthening the medical presence in an environment where continuity of care is crucial. And if we look at the careers of the professionals already in place, a story of dedication and commitment emerges. Doctor Souresh Ramassamy, present in Pissevin for around 30 years, knows better than anyone the health issues that affect this neighborhood.

“Within 4 to 5 years, 40% of doctors in Gard will retire”

In light of the persistent socio-economic challenges, his words resonate as a warning: “Within 4 to 5 years, 40% of doctors in Gard will retire according to statistics from the order council. We then risk experiencing a shortage.” At his side, Doctor Jean-Pierre Brunot also embodies this long tradition of service. Established in Pissevin for 40 years, he has been a privileged witness to developments in the neighborhood.

The opportunity for sub-prefect Mathias Nieps, present on April 30, to insist: “When, in the public debate, neighborhoods are mentioned, it is always only in the light of a desertification of services public. We constantly talk about the people who leave, but it’s also important to talk about those who stay and even those who fight to stay.”



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