Miscellaneous facts – Justice – Avignon: sentenced to 32 months in prison for stabbings

Miscellaneous facts – Justice – Avignon: sentenced to 32 months in prison for stabbings
Miscellaneous facts – Justice – Avignon: sentenced to 32 months in prison for stabbings

Two contradictory versions in this case of alcohol-related violence, processed in the criminal chamber at the Avignon court yesterday.

On the one hand, the defendant, Khalid Jamal Ahmad, who preferred to flee his native country, Somalia, prey to militias, in 2014. This evening of March 2, he was spotted by the police wandering barefoot in Courtine , drunk on whiskey and bloody clothes. On the stand, the 24-year-old man flatly denied the accusations against him.

The altercation broke out when his wish to be able to sleep at his friend’s house, in this hotel room made available by Entraide Pierre Valdo (which provides accommodation for people in very precarious circumstances), was not granted. The blows of a knife drawn from his pocket rain down. Four precisely, from Khalid Jamal Ahmad, causing deep wounds to his comrade’s forearms and shoulder blade. A person with whom he had a friendly relationship for four years. “It was to defend me, he threatened me with a bottle”he declared in a revised version of the facts.

“He lies, retorted the victim, with the scars still clearly visible. He got angry because I refused to let him stay at my house. But I don’t have the right to host it, otherwise I’ll be kicked out of the association. I didn’t understand what happened. There was never any history between us.”.

“You have failed in what you came to France for”

After this explosion of uncontrolled anger, Khalid Jamal Ahmad left his victim in a pool of blood and left the scene. It is his residence permit abandoned in this room which will allow the police to make the link between the two accomplices.

The defendant’s lawyer, Yasmine Faryssi, insisted yesterday on the “chaotic journey” of her client, insufficiently highlighted according to her, by the magistrates. “His father was killed by a militia”.

According to the prosecutor, the migrant’s guilt is beyond doubt. “There is no context of self-defense,” underlined Pierre Cramier, before returning to the administrative situation of this Somali, placed under “subsidiary protection” since 2020.

The French state therefore believes that the situation in his native country does not guarantee him security, knowing that he was previously kidnapped by a militia. “You have failed in what you came to France for. You are dangerous”underlined the prosecutor before requesting 30 months of imprisonment and five years of inadmissibility.

The court finally sentenced Khalid Jamal Ahmad to 32 months in prison, for violence aggravated by two circumstances followed by incapacity for more than eight days and carrying a category D bladed or incapacitating weapon without legitimate reason.




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