Drinking water in Lausanne: “We make no concessions on quality”

“We make no concessions on quality”

Published today at 10:52 a.m.

As a distributor of drinking water to twenty municipalities in the region, the Water Department of the City of Lausanne announces that the water distributed throughout 2023 has maintained an exemplary level of quality, meeting the the strictest standards in terms of health safety.

“We make no concessions on water quality,” declares Pierre-Antoine Hildbrand, municipal councilor in charge of water. Of the 3958 samples taken before treatment and the 2869 drinking water samples analyzed, only 12 minor non-compliances were detected, which did not present any risk to public health. The Water Service laboratory is continuing to develop numerous methods, particularly in the field of micropollutants. In this area, 100% of the analyzes of distributed water are compliant.

The Water Service’s commitment to good water quality is not limited to the Lausanne region: the partnership with the Nouakchott Region is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

Alongside the maintenance of the distribution network, the Water Service and the Lausanne-based company Epura SA are continuing their efforts to modernize and commission the new wastewater treatment infrastructure. Built in 1964, the old Vidy wastewater treatment plant (STEP) no longer met current standards and its installations were at the end of their life.

In 2023, the pretreatment and primary treatment works of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant were completed, marking a crucial step in improving the efficiency of Lausanne’s wastewater treatment system. These improvements will ensure better quality of water released into the environment, thus contributing to the preservation of our natural resources.

“Managing water requires anticipation in order to maintain a robust system,” adds Sébastien Apothéloz, head of the Water Department. An increase in the capacity of the Lutry factory, as well as the renewal of the supply pipes from the Pre-Alps, are significant examples.

Claude Béda is a journalist for the 24-hour Vaudois section. Passionate about social issues and the lives of people here, he covered several regions of the canton, before joining the Lausanne editorial team. More informations

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