With the children from the “in shape(s)!” »

With the children from the “in shape(s)!” »
With the children from the “in shape(s)!” »

At the Gutenberg leisure center, several middle and senior children are preparing an art competition on the theme “In Shape(s)!” “. This competition is organized by the city of Orléans, the Directorate of Departmental Services of National Education of Loiret, Catholic Education and Leisure Centers (ALSH). The creations will be photographed, then displayed on the gates and in the aisles of the Jardin des Plantes, from May 25 to June 9.


With the children from the “in shape(s)!” »

“Van Gogh’s Starry Night is our main inspiration », Explains Lauriane Da Costa, facilitator of the Gutenberg leisure center, revealing the work covered in blue paint, crepe paper and milk bottle caps.

Every Wednesday, since January, the children of the Gutenberg Center have been working on their creation in groups of 8. “ This participation in the competition allowed us to raise awareness of art. I first decided to introduce them to cubism, to have them draw landscapes. Then we went on an outing to the Museum of Fine Arts and the children were able to appreciate the works of art even more. They hung well », explains Lauriane Da Costa.

This Wednesday morning in April, the children are seated in front of the large sheet which serves as a support. “ I made the crepe paper, it wasn’t easy », adds a little girl, showing the white and blue papers stuck on the work.

Art and pedagogy

The Gutenberg Center has chosen to interpret the theme “In shape(s)!” » in several ways: by juxtaposing geometric shapes with physical form. In the middle of the sheet, a photo of the children lying on the ground forming the words “in shapes” is pasted. Because each participant is free to interpret the theme as they wish.

“We decided that this competition would also fit into our educational focus of the year which is the ecological transition », specifies Emanuelle Juigné, Director ALSH Gutenberg. In fact, several recycled materials are intermingled in the work, such as milk bottle caps or recycled Playmaïs. “ You have to glue them well, otherwise it won’t hold well », laughs a little boy, fiddling with a cork with his fingertips.


The competition is open to nursery and elementary schools but also to ALSH for the first time this year. The awards ceremony will take place on June 5 and 7 at the Jardin des Plantes. “ We will be present with the children, so that they can see the results of their work. It’s also a great outing that awaits us. », concludes Emanuelle Juigné.

Already, the children are scattered around the room. “ It’s not easy to keep such small children focused on such a project for 1 hour every Wednesday. », admits Lauriane amused while looking at the almost finished work.




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