Festival: Lausanne à Table is 10 years old

Lausanne à table celebrates ten years of indulgence

Published today at 10:30 a.m.

Setting up restaurant tables in the middle of the street, a banquet in the Saint-François church or a street food festival at the Riponne, Lausanne à table has been delighting the people of Lausanne for ten years thanks to original and modern events.

To celebrate the anniversary, the 2024 program is even richer in moments, large or small, which bring together Lausanne artisans and the public. “The City of Lausanne now has a policy for gastronomywhich has become a pillar of the capital,” explains Romano Hasenauer, the president of the association with nearly 300 members.

Bel-Air Tower and Pontaise stadium

Among the fifty events (from May to December) announced this Thursday, new features, returns and essentials. Among the new features, a birthday snack which will bring together nine pastry chefs, and ten parties with Lausanne organizations, from BDFIL to Athletissima, from the top of the Bel-Air tower to the Pontaise stadium. Ephemeral Tables with chefs who set up in unusual places go beyond municipal borders to go in the four cardinal directions.

In the returns, the Grande Table with its team of chefs holds three banquets in the city’s greenhouses; the Municipality gets back into the kitchen from Villa Mon-Repos; the Chemin du Ramequin will allow you to compare the cheese products of ten bakers in the capital.

Finally, the essentials also celebrate the anniversary, like the Yum Festival de la Riponne, which welcomes for the first time a guest of honor, Brussels, its artisans and its cooks, the Fondue d’Automne in Valency Park or the Brunch de la Riponne.

“We want all our events to be accessible to everyone,” explains director Marine Gasser, “in terms of price too. And we must not forget that half of them are created by our members.”

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