A “guys to girls, girls to guys” day canceled in the face of parents’ anger

A “guys to girls, girls to guys” day canceled in the face of parents’ anger
A “guys to girls, girls to guys” day canceled in the face of parents’ anger

The school’s leisure committee organized a fun activity where young people were invited to dress “as a boy” or “as a girl” depending on their gender. Scheduled for May 17, this thematic day was the fourth of the year.

Earlier in the school year, students were invited to dress in the uniform of their favorite sport, and take part in a fun hair day, such as wearing colorful wigs.


The activity was scheduled for May 17 at Saint-Louis school. (Taken from Facebook)

Like every month, parents received a communication from the school including the calendar of activities for the month, including the theme “boys dressed as girls, girls as boys”.

Social networks

A parent published the calendar with the theme on Facebook, expressing indignation against the Saint-Louis school.

Several Internet users are outraged that primary schools are “stuffing the heads” of children with “mentally ill ideologies.”

Under the publication, some parents claim to have contacted the school administration to contest the activity.

“Disguising children in a school designed to teach subjects, not ideologies of social deconstruction,” criticizes one of the Internet users.

“It seems [sic] that the school is run [sic] by pro-pedos? They really want fucker young people by having them do activities brainwash», adds another comment.

“Calik that [sic] all that goes away [sic]. We are going to raise rags who will even know what they want to be so much so that there will be encouragement from all sides.”

Activity canceled

Faced with “the large proportions” that the theme has taken on social networks, the School Service Center (CSS) of Appalaches has chosen to cancel the planned activity.

The CSS explained to Sun want to avoid making children “uncomfortable” by having to choose whether or not they participate in the activity.

The school assures that the thematic day had no political or awareness-raising aim, although May 17 is also the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. The objective of the theme was strictly playful, assures the CSS.



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