Agde – The city of Agde reveals a part of its history!

Agde – The city of Agde reveals a part of its history!
Agde – The city of Agde reveals a part of its history!

As part of the work to requalify the heart of the town of Agde, a preventive archeology excavation is currently being carried out by the company “mosaics archaeology”.

Archaeologists have uncovered a communication route whose axis follows the line of the ramparts and its ditch.

The line of the ramparts has changed little since Greek antiquity and Christophe Vaschalde, scientific manager, explains “the presence of an axis of communication near a ditch is quite classic. Agde has been a trading town since ancient times and welcomes many travelers who do not necessarily seek to enter the city.

Archaeologists also carried out a large trench near the tourist office. They identified built remains which form a large wall on a line parallel to the rampart. It could be the counter-scarp wall of the ditch.

For the scientific manager, “the ditch served as a dump and was filled in at the end of the old regime, which allows us to find numerous architectural elements, cut stones but also ceramics, glass and bones of ‘animals. These rejections of consumption tell us today about the lifestyles of the 18th and 19th centuries, but also about the commercial activity of this port city with the presence of objects imported from Mediterranean countries. »

Excavations are expected to continue through this summer.

In the 19th century, the towers of the ramparts were destroyed by municipal decision. The stones are not reused and probably serve as backfill to fill the ditch.

Did you know

Greek city and medieval town, Agde was a commercial city particularly appreciated for its strategic position. Boats arriving from the Mediterranean took the mouth of the Hérault river. The Phocaean counter had a determining role in the commercial exchange of olive oil, wine and salt…

To discover the city of Agde with archeology




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