POLITICS: Muriel Ternant denounces the “very serious escalation” of the National Rally

POLITICS: Muriel Ternant denounces the “very serious escalation” of the National Rally
POLITICS: Muriel Ternant denounces the “very serious escalation” of the National Rally

The president of the communist group within the regional council of Burgundy-Franche-Comté, participating in the majority, reacts to the “excesses” of the RN that occurred in session on April 11.

Press release from the group of elected communist and republican representatives of Burgundy-Franche-Comté of April 18, 2024:

On April 11 in the plenary assembly of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté regional council, elected officials from the national gathering brandished signs identically reproducing those that two activists from the far-right collective Némésis had displayed in the carnival parade in Besançon: “foreign rapists outside”.

These comments constitute a very serious escalation on the part of elected officials accustomed to provocations, excesses, personal attacks, made without complexes and without restraint in a Republican enclosure.

They reveal in an exacerbated manner the odious amalgams they use to divide, fracture, and cast shame on an entire part of the population.

They are very dangerous for women themselves. Far from the RN’s attempts at diversion, rape and violence against women unfortunately permeate all of society, all social and professional circles.

The RN does not defend the cause of women, quite the contrary. This is how he considers in the plenary assembly in December 2021 that equal rights for women cannot be achieved at all levels, in all professions, in all sectors and in all activities and that he vote, in December 2023, against the European “safe place for women” resolution aimed at translating into concrete actions the principle of zero tolerance towards violence against women.

It was also during the intervention of a woman on the report concerning the merger of the Jean-Joseph Fourier and Saint Germain high schools in Auxerre, that an elected official from the RN group used a term borrowed from Nazi vocabulary “ untermensch” meaning “under man”.

The group of communist and republican elected officials is deeply shocked by the actions of the RN elected officials who, with each session, sink a little deeper into indignity and try to prevent the democratic debate by all means.

We welcome the reaction of Marie-Guite Dufay, President of the Regional Council, who announced that she would contact the prosecutor and file a complaint.

President of the group of elected Communists and Republicans.

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