A new diving watch made in France for Jacques Bianchi Marseille

A new diving watch made in France for Jacques Bianchi Marseille
A new diving watch made in France for Jacques Bianchi Marseille

EIt owed its name to Poseidon, the god of the sea and oceans in Greek mythology. The “Posidonia” watch with its intense green dial paid homage to the “grass of Neptune”, an underwater flowering plant from the Mediterranean. Launched last February by the French watchmaking house Jacques Bianchi Marseille, this reference limited to 150 examples was sold in less than ten minutes after a flash sale which left many disillusioned collectors behind.

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The French brand seems to have heard their distress since it has just announced the release of a brand new model. However, you will have to be (very) fast since this diver, called JB200 “Moonga”, is only produced in 100 pieces. It will be available for sale from May 9 at a price of 1,295 euros.

Blazing red

Purists will rediscover all the charm of Jacques Bianchi Marseille watches. Indeed, the JB200 “Moonga” is based on the legendary JB200, a piece designed for the abyss and developed by Jacques Bianchi in 1982, notably characterized by its dial on which the silhouette of a diver evolves. After spending a little time at the bottom of the sea, the model which equipped the French Navy resurfaced in 2021, the year which marked the return of the Jacques Bianchi house whose development is today ensured by MAT Watches.

After the success of the reissue of the JB200 Grand Diver and then those of the astonishing and daring JB200 Méduse, Poulpro (magnified by the presence of an octopus on its dial) and Posidonie, the time has come for the JB200 “Moonga”. Like its big sisters before it, this new diver presents the traditional 42 mm steel case evoking the design of the “skin divers” of the 1970s. We also find the “destro” crown off-center on the left, water resistance to 200 meters, a unidirectional bezel with 60 clicks which uses the typical graduation of the historic model from the 1980s as well as numerals and a timer made of Superluminova in the same ivory shade as that of the hands and indexes.

The innovation is at the center of the watch, on its dial. Like the Posidonia and to everyone’s surprise, it does not display octopus, jellyfish or other marine animals, nor even the diver like on the JB200 of yesteryear. Jacques Bianchi Marseille has opted for simplicity with a smoked dial adorned with a hypnotic gradient red, almost smoky. This, in homage to the Mediterranean red coral, what jewelers and gemologists call “Moonga”. The latter, which develops in shaded rocky bottoms between 5 and 700 meters deep, is the object of all desire. According to Greek mythology, he was born from the blood that gushed from the head of Medusa, cut off by Perseus. In ancient times, it was used in certain medical treatments by lending it healing powers and was used as currency. To return to watchmaking and the mechanical side, the JB200 “Moonga”, which continues the brand’s ongoing commitment to the preservation of marine beauty and the protection of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem, features a high-performance Swiss SoProd automatic caliber. increased chronometrics. Finally, it comes with a red tropic style rubber strap.



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