Valencia: when excavations reveal History

After two months of investigation, the preventive archaeological excavations carried out in the city center end this Friday, May 3. The Éveha firm, in charge of the operation, is preparing to submit its report and is delivering the first elements.

They never go unnoticed and often generate curiosity and fantasies. All you have to do is observe Liberty Square in Valencia, the incessant sweep of passers-by who stop in front of the archaeological excavation gates to observe or question the archaeological team at work. “We’re used to it, it’s part of the job. It’s a world that fascinates so we try to answer as best we can the questions we’re asked”, smiles Dimitri Simon, archaeologist at the Éveha design firm and responsible for the current operation. With his team of five archaeologists and a topographical archaeologist, he is preparing to complete this preventive excavation operation this Friday, May 3. The opportunity to take stock of this major operation.

This is THE question everyone is asking, after two months of archaeological excavations, what have you found?

Dimitri Simon: The excavations were carried out in two neighboring sites: Place de la Liberté and Rue Émile-Augier. For the first site, the surveys made it possible to document contexts whose dating ranges from the end of Antiquity to the modern period (XVIe-XVIIIe century)…


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