three men tried this Friday after the burglary of the mayor of Canéjan

three men tried this Friday after the burglary of the mayor of Canéjan
three men tried this Friday after the burglary of the mayor of Canéjan

These three suspects were arrested Tuesday in Cestas after the burglary of the mayor of Canéjan and one of his neighbors, in Gironde.

Le Figaro Bordeaux

Robbed in the night from Sunday to Monday, Bernard Guarrigou, the PS mayor of Canéjan, would not have been because of these functions, according to the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office. “The fact that this [cambriolage, NDLR] being detached from my duties as an elected official comforts me in my role as mayor. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. “It remains a trivial theft, as happens to so many people, in circumstances that are not ordinary, because there is this aggression,” expresses the city councilor concerned FigaroTHURSDAY.

The city’s chief magistrate was awakened at 4 a.m. by noises and the light of a flashlight. He then faced three hooded individuals dressed in black who sprayed him with tear gas to escape. Two days of ITT were prescribed for the politician who had difficulty seeing and breathing after his attack.

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Two burglaries

On Tuesday, following these events, three individuals were arrested in a squat in Cestas and placed in police custody. Referred to the Bordeaux public prosecutor’s office, the three individuals, two Algerians and a Tunisian, were presented to the judge of freedoms and detention on Thursday. Several pieces of evidence – including the stolen equipment found in their possession and the analysis of their telephone which located them at the scene of the burglary – overwhelm them, according to the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office. The hood of one of the thieves, torn off by the mayor during the altercation, was also placed under seal.

The three criminals will be tried in immediate appearance on Friday for this burglary, as well as that targeting a neighbor of the mayor. The three offenders, one of whom is a repeat offender regarding acts of violence, will have to answer to the charges of “meeting flight” and of “intentional violence with a weapon”, particularly towards the mayor of Canéjan.

Struck in his privacy while he and his wife were sleeping, the mayor of Canéjan says he is still in shock, four days after the events. “I remain stunned and sleep remains light”confides the elected official who underlines “efficiency” of the investigation carried out by the Gironde gendarmerie. He hopes that this judgment will allow him to “move on”. Examined by the emergency reception unit for victims of attacks (Cauva) on Tuesday, the socialist also considers himself “on the right road” thanks to an interview with a psychologist.




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