PLR targets Eritreans denied asylum

PLR targets Eritreans denied asylum
PLR targets Eritreans denied asylum

Published on May 3, 2024 at 07:10.

Do rejected Eritreans pose a specific problem in Switzerland? Several federal PLR elected officials seem to think so: the former national president, now Schwyz senator, Petra Gössi, tabled a motion at the end of 2023 which has already garnered a majority in the Council of States. However, she was largely inspired by a text by Damian Müller, her party colleague and senator from Lucerne, who had also received the support of the Chamber of Cantons before being narrowly refused by the National Council.

What do these two texts say? They ask the Federal Council to conclude “a transit agreement with a third country in order to be able to send rejected Eritrean asylum seekers there”. Petra Gössi introduced a reference absent from the previous motion by suggesting that the Federal Council “take inspiration from the model transit agreement that Federal Councilor Ruth Metzler-Arnold signed in Dakar on January 8, 2003.” Minister PDC had in fact convinced Senegal to take charge of rejected applicants in Switzerland. But faced with the ire of part of Senegalese civil society, his government finally changed its mind.

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