What you need to know before the return of Nuits Lumière, this Friday May 3 in Bourges

What you need to know before the return of Nuits Lumière, this Friday May 3 in Bourges
What you need to know before the return of Nuits Lumière, this Friday May 3 in Bourges

Six locations for the moment, no Lallemant hotel, Bourges 2028… We reveal the Nuits Lumière route, inaugurated this Friday, from 9:30 p.m., departing from Place Étienne-Dolet.

Ursine takes out her overalls this Friday evening to display herself on the city walls. As for nearly 25 years, the Berruyer summer will be punctuated by the Nights of Lights, animated and luminous scenographies projected at nightfall on the historic buildings of the city center, featuring this bear mascot.

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Six sites are, for the moment, on the program of the route which runs until September 21 and the European Heritage Days: the Gallo-Roman rampart; the Estève museum; the Jacques-Coeur palace; the former archbishopric; the Hôtel des Postes and the Aubrun store. All will be lit from Thursday to Saturday in May, June and September, and every evening in July and August. For the moment, because the Villa Monin site could see, like last year, a fixed projection at its height. This time, not on the roof, because “too difficult to see” as Noémie Ferraro, director of the establishment, recognizes, but potentially on the ground, on the sidewalk, in front of the entrance.

No Lallemant hotel on the route

In any case, this site will remain on the Nuits Lumière route, always offering two special cocktails, one with alcohol, the other without. On the other hand, there is no Lallemant hotel, which is currently decorated with scaffolding as a continuation of the work occupying it.

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“We couldn’t not include Bourges 2028 in these illuminations,” smiles Constance Bonduelle, deputy mayor responsible for the promotion and animation of the city, despite the difficulty in including new features since December 13, the day of the award. of the title of European Capital of Culture in Bourges. It is moreover this precise day which will be illustrated in the minute added in the scenography of the facade of the former archbishopric, place Étienne-Dolet, with, in parallel, photos of the teams in Paris and those in Bourges during the announcement of the result.

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“We couldn’t not include Bourges 2028 in these illuminations”

A minute during which three projects illustrating the Bourges 2028 guideline will be screened: Trans Europe Culture, low-speed trains to and from Bourges from Europe; the European city of artists on the Hôtel-Dieu site; and the desire to move from the Anthropocene (an era characterized by the advent of humans as the main force of change on Earth) to the Symbiocene, (era of Earth history based on symbiosis, where the imprint humans will be reduced to a minimum). Already, during the application period, Bourges 2028 had integrated these Nights of Light with two works by European artists in 2022 and 2023: Creations by Dejan Stojkov and Flux Liberdad by Maksimilianas Opriska, both returning this year.

Switching on at nightfall

Apart from the inauguration, scheduled for this Friday at 9:30 p.m., with a whole program of blue festivities (blue cotton candy, phosphorescent makeup, stilt walkers), it is impossible to mention the start times of the illuminations. “At nightfall,” explains Constance Bonduelle. We are based on public lighting at night.” The duration will remain the same all summer, two hours, ending around midnight.

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At the same time, the lighting of Saint-Étienne Cathedral, recently updated, will be at half-mast, on the Place Étienne-Dolet side, so as not to create light pollution. The other side remaining illuminated.

On Fridays in May, June and September, as well as Wednesdays and Fridays in July and August, the show will be accompanied by the Friends of Jacques-Cœur association, whose members will stroll in period costumes. An explanatory audio tour is also possible through the Legendr application, set up by the municipality. Explanations more directly integrated into the illuminations “to respect the neighborhood”, recalls Constance Bonduelle.

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