The technical inspection is now compulsory, with 600 solex, it would cost the Beauvaisian collector 30,000 euros

Since April 15, technical inspection has been compulsory for two-wheelers. Beauvaisian Hugues Ossent, collector of Solex, has 600 of them, which would cost him at least 30,000 euros.

Same size, same format as a bicycle, but with an engine and a license plate: Hugues Ossent, Solex collector for 40 years, owns 600. The machine attracts the eye of all passers-by: nostalgia for old times for some, memories of this two-wheeler popular in the 70s for others and an undeniable passion for the collector.

Except that this affection for these vehicles risks costing him dearly. Since April 15, the technical inspection is mandatory for two wheels, three-wheelers and motorized quadricycles. And the solex included, then “that it doesn’t go above 30 km/h, it’s ridiculous!” shouts the collector.

Especially since with his 600 motobecanes, it would cost him “minimum” 30,000 euros every three years, “only if I assume that it costs 50 euros for a technical inspection”.

“Motorcyclists are passionate”

Today in France, more than five million households are equipped with at least one two-wheeler, i.e. more than 8% of the population. For Hugues Ossent, it is more about “passionate”.

“Anyone who has a motorcycle or Solex will take better care of it, do all the checks daily, even perhaps more than for a car. Already, because not having a body, there is more danger but also because it is not considered as a simple means of transport for drivers”.

Furthermore, technical control is relatively “fast” to achieve. “Apart from the tires and brakes, there is nothing else to check, so paying 50 euros for three minutes, for something we can do ourselves, is expensive per minute!” exclaims the Beauvaisian. The ACB technical inspection center in Beauvais, which carries out this maintenance examination for two wheels, has already had numerous appointments made since the introduction of the regulations and ensures that there are no “particular reluctance”.

Before admitting: “So far, we have not noticed any major defects, all the vehicles are well maintained. A passionate motorcyclist will have a perfectly carried out maintenance on his motorcycle”.

When the obligation to have a registration document was introduced in 2011, motorcyclists feared the obligation of a technical inspection.

Road conditions

Since the announcements on the establishment of technical inspection, the French federation of angry bikers demonstrates regularly, such as last April 13 when more than 10,000 bikers mobilized in Paris, and where Hugues Ossent also went, and more than 50,000 people throughout France.

Currently, 30% of motorcycle accidents are recorded. For the Solex driver, the condition of the vehicle is not the issue. “The condition of the roads should be the primary concern which is a real problem for motorcyclists”. For the moment, Hugues Ossent is not decided to pass the technical inspection on these 600 Solex, in the hope that other actions by angry bikers will make it possible to cancel, or at least modify, these regulations.

“If there is no choice by the end of the year, I will resign myself to it”. But at more than 30,000 euros the technical inspectionHugues Ossent is not yet ready to pass the second.

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