SENEGAL-GOVERNMENT / The press release from the Council of Ministers of Thursday May 2, 2024 – Senegalese press agency

SENEGAL-GOVERNMENT / The press release from the Council of Ministers of Thursday May 2, 2024 – Senegalese press agency
SENEGAL-GOVERNMENT / The press release from the Council of Ministers of Thursday May 2, 2024 – Senegalese press agency

Dakar, May 2 (APS) – The Council of Ministers was held this Thursday, May 2, 2024 at the Palais de la République, under the chairmanship of the Head of State, His Excellency, Mr. Bassirou Diomaye Diakhar FAYE.

At the start of his communication, the President of the Republic once again sent his most saddened condolences to the families of the victims of the dramatic road accident which occurred on Thursday April 25, 2024 on the Koungheul-Koumpentoum axis in the village of Yamong. He wished a speedy recovery to the injured who benefited
already taken over by the State.

The Head of State expressed to the Council his deep concern about the increase in road accidents for several weeks.

The President of the Republic asked the ministers in charge of land transport, the gendarmerie and the national police to propose, under the supervision of the Prime Minister, an emergency road prevention and safety plan which will be implemented throughout its rigor and as quickly as possible.

The Head of State also instructed the Minister in charge of land transport to evaluate the actions of the National Road Safety Agency (ANASER) and adjust its interventions in terms of awareness raising and support for public transport stakeholders, particularly drivers.

To this end, he noted the need for the State to consolidate the partnership with transport stakeholders and unions to intensify the said process and its generalization.

In the same vein, the President of the Republic requested a rapid assessment of the management system of public transport companies, particularly the Dakar Dem Dikk company, including the audit of activities, bus fleets, human resources, and the economic model. and global governance, is a priority to consolidate
the development of the sector.

He also invited the Minister of Land Transport to take stock of the effective launch of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) activities and its operating and management methods.

Moreover, the Head of State asked the Prime Minister and the minister in charge of land transport to prepare for the holding, before the end of July 2024, of the General Meeting of Public Transport to establish the consensus essential for rapid and comprehensive transformation. public transport.

Referring to the celebration of Labor Day, the President of the Republic returned to the ceremony of handing over the lists of union grievances from the workers’ centers for the year 2024 held on May 1 at the Palais de la
Republic. After welcoming the consensual commitment to a lasting social stability pact in order to support the systemic transformation of Senegal, the President of the Republic congratulated all workers for their
remarkable contribution to the work of national construction.

The President of the Republic therefore asked the Government to take charge, without delay, of the various sectoral grievances of the trade union centers and to produce a quarterly report monitoring the handling of the complaints.
requests. This collegial document will be presented to the Council of Ministers by the Minister of Labor, Employment and Relations with Institutions.

The President of the Republic also signaled the need to strengthen permanent social dialogue in the public service with a concerted assessment of the state of the Government’s commitments within the framework of agreements
signed with the different sectors of the Administration.

The Head of State asked the Prime Minister to ensure the consolidation of the tripartite State-employer-union dialogue to ensure social stability and the upcoming signing of a consensual and lasting social pact,
essential for the optimal implementation of the Transformation Program
system of Senegal.

The Head of State also asked the Minister of Family and Solidarity to carry out a systematic review of social programs and projects with a view to accelerating, under the coordination of the Prime Minister, their
updating and their sectoral and territorial redeployment in a dynamic of sustained consolidation of social justice.

In this perspective, the President of the Republic indicated the urgency of updating the Single National Register (RNU) before June 30, 2024 and of reviewing the eligibility criteria and the lists of beneficiaries of scholarships.
family security.

The Head of State invited the Government to establish a “National Solidarity Day” to consolidate the PROJECT of a just and prosperous Senegal in solidarity.

The President of the Republic informed the Council that he will participate on Friday May 3, 2024, with a large delegation, in the 83rd edition of the annual Daaka of Medina Gounass.

As part of his diplomatic agenda, the President of the Republic returned to the working and friendship visit he made to the Republic of Guinea Bissau, on Tuesday April 30, 2024. He thanked President Umaro Sissoco
EMBALO for the exceptional welcome and remarkable hospitality he gave him.

Finally, the Head of State announced to the Council his participation in the Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which will be held on May 4 and 5, 2024 in Banjul, in the sister Republic of Gambia.

In his communication, the Prime Minister welcomed the holding, on Saturday April 27, 2024, of the government seminar of which the Minister, Secretary General of the Government will present the conclusions and recommendations.

The Prime Minister then addressed the priorities around which he intends to mobilize government action in the coming weeks.

First of all, this concerns the proposal of concrete measures to reduce the cost of living, better targeting of subsidies for basic necessities and petroleum products as well as the reduction of the lifestyle of
the state.

Priority actions will also focus on tax reforms with a view to greater fairness and transparency and on the reform of the remuneration system in the public service to make it more coherent, fair and equitable, taking into account budgetary sustainability.

Finally, the priority measures of the Government’s roadmap will also focus on the 2024 agricultural production campaign, the “100,000 housing program” and the promotion of financing for PMEPMI.

All of these measures should make it possible to prepare the ground for the convening of a social dialogue with a view to arriving at a strong pact for lasting social stability.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister informed the Council of the program of meetings of the Interministerial Councils in the coming days. The first meeting will be held on Friday May 3, 2024 to address the measures that the State
intends to implement for the 2024 agricultural production campaign, with the strong resolution to put an end to all the abuses observed for years in the distribution of inputs and agricultural equipment.

Finally, the Prime Minister reported to the Council on the audiences he granted to the President of the UEMOA Commission and the head of the Technical Services Mission of the International Monetary Fund currently staying in Dakar.

Discussions with the IMF Technical Mission resulted in a satisfactory assessment of the strong commitment of the new authorities to better economic and social governance. The mission also
noted the similarity of the government program with the program signed with the IMF.
Under the Ministers’ communication:

– the Minister of Infrastructure and Land and Air Transport made
communication on priority projects in the road areas,
rail and air as well as highway management and safety

– the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Livestock
made a communication on the monitoring of the marketing campaign
peanut farming 2023/2024, preparation for the 2024/2025 agricultural campaign and
monitoring exports of horticultural products.

– the Minister, Secretary General of the Government made a communication
on the conclusions and recommendations of the government seminar.

Done in Dakar, May 2, 2024

The Minister of Vocational Training, Government Spokesperson

Amadou Moustapha Njekk SARRE



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