SENEGAL-MONDE-CULTURE / The note of hope from the Azerbaijani government at the closing of the 6th Baku forum on intercultural dialogue – Senegalese Press Agency

From the APS special envoy, Abdou Kogne Sall

Baku (Azarbaijan), May 2 (APS) – Azerbaijan, through its Minister of Culture, Adil Karimi, welcomed, Thursday, the success of the 6e Baku forum dedicated to intercultural dialogue, believing that the meeting had served as a framework for exchanges on subjects essential to the advent of a more inclusive world.

“We discussed important issues to create a more inclusive and peace-oriented world,” he said in closing remarks at the event at the congress center in the capital Baku.

The Azerbaijani minister thus mentioned culture and heritage, education, technology, religion, migration and youth issues among the themes that had been submitted for analysis by participants at the Baku forum.

”Our main objective is for culture to take an important place in solving the problems of climate change. We must make changes for a stronger and more sustainable future,” explained Adil Karimi, as the Azerbaijani capital will host Cop-29.

Salim bin Muhammad al-Malik, director general of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), magnified the interest shown by the participants in the areas of intervention of the organization that he leads.

“The forum has completed its work and we all feel responsible. We must promote tolerance and peaceful living. Our activities in the fields of science, education and culture are of great importance. We try to be faithful to the values ​​of cooperation,” argued the Director General of ICESCO.

“The topics of this Forum were selected for their relevance. The forum became another success. The role of culture in the area of ​​climate change is immense. I think the forum occupies an important place in the civilization of humanity. Global appeals were also launched during the event,” said Nihal Saad, director of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.

“Dialogue for global peace and security: cooperation and interconnection” was the theme of the 6e edition of the Baku world forum in which no less than 700 representatives of international organizations, diplomats and various other actors from around a hundred countries took part, according to the organizers.

This international meeting is one of the materializations of the Baku process, an initiative launched by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev to promote peace through dialogue and mutual understanding.




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