Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Discover the list of Olympic flame bearers in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne

Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Discover the list of Olympic flame bearers in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne
Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Discover the list of Olympic flame bearers in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne

By William Laurens
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May 2, 24 at 7:28 p.m.

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If the international opener of Stade Toulousain and the XV of France Romain Ntamack will be the last of the stage and will, as such, have the privilege to light the cauldron in the Stade Ernest-Wallon, where she will spend the night, more than 130 other people will participate in the relay of the Olympic flame Friday May 17, 2024, at Toulouse and in the six other towns of Haute-Garonne (Revel, Villemur-sur-Tarn, Muret, Rieux-Volvestre, Colomiers And Bagnères-de-Luchon) where she will be passing through.

In preview, Toulouse News reveals to you the list bearers of the Olympic flame: a list which will be completed 72 hours before D-Day, with the unveiling of the names of the others personalities who will participate in the event.

Bearers of the Olympic flame in Bagnères-de-Luchon (individually) :

  • Marie-Thérèse De Ocampo
  • Anaïs Patouillet
  • Sophie Roiret
  • Sandrine Seres
  • Christine Finds

Bearers of the Olympic flame in Colomiers (individually) :

  • Rim Bennama
  • Frédéric Blaissa
  • Stéphane Bordes
  • Laurent Camman
  • Marc Ceccaldi
  • Isabelle Combe
  • Marc Dulibeaud
  • Pierre Géraud
  • Salomé Géraud
  • Thomas Giacomin
  • Coralie Gonzalez
  • Stéphane Le Grandvalet
  • Marion Plurien
  • Thibaut Quintin
  • Cécile Ramos
  • Geraldine Roche
  • Astrid Rouch
  • Patrice Sentis
  • Nelly Simonnet
  • Clemence Vieira

The Olympic flame bearers in Muret (individually) :

  • Anne-Marie Amilhat
  • Alexis Bachurski
  • Jordan Boissiere-Navarro
  • Nathalie Curé
  • Aurianne Devalliere
  • Noémie Duprat
  • Sonia Gaborit
  • Sébastien Hernandez
  • Claudine Seghairia
  • Yvonne Thouron
  • Maxime Valet
  • Brianna Vide

The Olympic flame bearers in Revel (individually) :

  • Stéphane Bénévent
  • Jerome Bernard
  • Séverine Bories
  • Chrystel Boudes
  • Abd-el-Kader Chouali
  • Mathilde Espitalier
  • Paul-Henri Grobot
  • Linda Lemahieu
  • Sylvie Levacher
  • Nicolas Margez
  • Florent Peronnet
  • Sébastien Staut
  • Marc Ventouillac

The Olympic flame bearers in Rieux-Volvestre (individually) :

  • Carine Courtois
  • William Garnero
  • Olivier Lafitte
  • Thaïs Rubio
  • Jérémie Salazard
  • Tatiana Tcaciuc

Olympic flame bearers in Toulouse (collectively or individually) :

  • Isabelle Argire (individual)
  • Nadine Barbottin (collective)
  • Abdoulaye Barry (collective)
  • Hayet Belaroussa (individual)
  • Céline Benayoun (collective)
  • Nora Benhaboucha (collective)
  • Jean-Rémy Bergounhe (individual)
  • David Berty (individual)
  • Didier Beuvelot (collective)
  • Dominique Bichonnier (collective)
  • Sylvain Brefel (collective)
  • Claudia Caron (collective)
  • Gilles Castillon (collective)
  • Olivier Cauquoin (individual)
  • Didier Chaubet (collective)
  • Martine Cougnard (collective)
  • Marvin Crais (collective)
  • Élise Damarius (individual)
  • Gilles de Saint-Blanquat (collective)
  • Julien Delabriere (collective)
  • Florence Delgal (collective)
  • Flore Duquesne Burglin (collective)
  • Claire Elsen (individual)
  • Gwenaël Faulong (individual)
  • Christine Felga (collective)
  • Antoine Fourneau (collective)
  • Christian Galy (collective)
  • Laétitia Garcin (collective)
  • Melissa Grasset (collective)
  • Maxime Greboval (collective)
  • Loic Guezennec (collective)
  • Jonathan Hivernat (individual)
  • Stanislas Lanoe (collective)
  • Sylvain Lapeyre (collective)
  • Kathlyn Laurent (collective)
  • Kylian Laurent (collective)
  • Marlène Le Rue (individual)
  • Aline Lecoq (collective)
  • Olivia Lévrier (collective)
  • Pierre Maneuf (individual)
  • Oristelle Marx (individual)
  • Emmanuel Mas (collective)
  • Christophe Masson (collective)
  • Marilou Maurel (collective)
  • Marcel Maurel (individual)
  • Maxime Médard (individual)
  • Fabien Morat (collective)
  • Stéphanie Motton (individual)
  • Marie-Thérèse Muller (collective)
  • Nodjialem Myaro (individual)
  • Florent Navarro (collective)
  • Romain Ntamack (individual)
  • Carole Noël (collective)
  • Ambre Paillex (collective)
  • Véronique Papaix (collective)
  • Awen Pichot (collective)
  • Viviane Poncy (collective)
  • Guillaume Remains (individual)
  • Aurélie Riandet (collective)
  • Alexia Richard (individual)
  • Muriel Roth (individual)
  • Sabine Salmon (collective)
  • Ghislain Saulnier (collective)
  • Michael Simpson (collective)
  • Pierre Stamm (collective)
  • Isabelle Strunc (individual)
  • Assia Touati (individual)
  • Thibaud Tscheiller (individual)
  • Roxane Venuti (collective)
  • Fabien Vidal (collective)
  • Arthur Wakhevitsch (collective)

The Olympic flame bearers in Villemur-sur-Tarn (all individually):

  • Yann Canivenq
  • Camille Chauvin
  • Anne-Marie Douard
  • Lola Neufcourt
  • Camille Venet

What about the other personalities of the Pink City?

Other figures from the Pink City are announced elsewhere in Occitania. This is for example the case ofAnthony Jelonch : if he is a figure at Stade Toulousain, the international 3rd row will carry the flame in his native Gers. As Cathy Melieta figure in the gastronomy of the Pink City, who will parade in Marciac.

While waiting for personalities, Antoine Dupont in high demand

The names of the athletes or actors of local life who will carry the Olympic flame, during its passage through the French departments before the Paris 2024 Games, are chosen by the 400 municipalities crossed, by the other communities, or even by the three main sponsors of the event. Some are also designated by the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, and will be announced later.

With the exception of those which were revealed by the communities, the personalities who will participate in the event will be revealed “by the Torch Relay team at three days of each stage”, indicates the latter to Toulouse News. Among the most anticipated is obviously Antoine Dupont. Will the most prominent scrum half on the oval planet carry the Olympic flame? According to our information, he would have been invited to participate in the relay in four departments: his Hautes-Pyrénées birthplaces, the Gers where he studied, Haute-Garonne where he shines with the Stadium, but also at Pariswhere the captain of the French 15s team will wear the colors of the Blues 7s for the Olympics…

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