storms in Aisne, the mayor of Courmelles in shock after the death of a resident

Still overcome with emotion after the discovery of a lifeless body on the night of May 1 following a mudslide in his town near Soissons, the mayor of Courmelles, Arnaud Svrcek, is increasing his visits -returns. “ After what happened last night on the road to Château-Thierry, we created a reception center in the multipurpose room to accommodate all the shocked people. this night,” says the elected official. A few hours after discovering a 57-year-old woman several meters from her house with the firefighters, Arnaud Svrcek is still stunned. “ I know that the grounds are flooded, I know that our town is in a basin and that there is a risk. We have had mudslides before, but never a phenomenon of this magnitude. This is the drama “, says the mayor with sadness.

The pressure of the water caused the facade to burst. -Martin Gaboriau
According to initial information, the water rose to one meter in the street. -Martin Gaboriau

Great solidarity from residents

In addition to the loss of a resident of his town of 1,800 inhabitants, Arnaud Svreck also mourns the loss of a friend. “ We knew each other since childhood », he continues. Even if the people of Courmellois are touched by this news, the mayor of the town still wants to highlight their attitude. “ There is great solidarity in this crisis situation. Today, the emergency is the psychological state of people which predominates », he concludes. As a reminder, the victim’s husband survived, he is still hospitalized in Soissons after a head injury.




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