Café Lobut, a historic Lyon stopper exiled to Villeurbanne

It has existed since 1949. Café Lobut seasons the best of Lyon’s cork cuisine, but in Villeurbanne. We go into exile.

Lobut coffee is one of the senior places. It has existed since 1949. And the day we were there, 75 years later, a good part of the clientele probably dated from that era… We could interpret this remark as noticeably gerontophobic, French society being accustomed to discriminating against each other by both ends: young and old. It is not so. On the contrary, the frequentation of a cork by people with long experience (euphemism) demonstrates its authenticity, its spirit of truth.

Feminism in the land of andouillette

On this subject, a quote is inscribed on an upstairs mirror, as is customary in this type of establishment: “ the wine is strong, the king is stronger, the women are even stronger “. The quote from Martin Luther (16th century), certainly a happy feminism in the land of andouillette, has been truncated. It actually ends with “…but the truth is stronger than anything “. And this is what appears in the kitchen, a good taste of truth cooked up by Sandrine while her husband Cyril flits from table to table.

Lyonnaise cuisine and typical cork decor

Cork, grattons and Beaujolais.

The skillfully maintained decorative folklore, checkered tablecloths and napkins, advertisements on enameled plaques, clock advertising Beaujolais wines, is not a localist cinema set. The card respects the Tables of the law, carried by Moses when crossing the Beaujolais Sea: andouillette (Braillon is good), hot sausage, sapeur’s apron with gribiche sauce… The requirements of Lyonnais cork cuisine, except that geographically we are in Villeurbanne.

The Lyonnaise salad was seasoned with enough punch to counterbalance the snoozing languor of the poached egg. Like the lentil and cervelas salad, ready to rush. On the other hand, the remoulade tripe, which was good, would have deserved a little whipping, with vinegar for example. We left aside the dish of the day, chorizo ​​beef and bacon skewer and its off-piste side, for superb lamb brains, crispy on the outside, melting on the inside like one would dream of, without it being their fault. accessible, a rusk married to a Kiri.

Even the bread and desserts are good

At the end we sauce. And quite exceptionally in a cork, the bread is excellent, very cooked, the crust bordering on burnt. Direct Source: Alexandre bakery in Charpennes, well done, thank you. The desserts, too, cannot hide their homemade production as their aesthetic would crucify a pastry chef. There is atmosphere, aperitifs, some much younger tables. The only fault here is that we don’t know how to make fried potatoes (in mini-cubes for the aggravating circumstance).

Café Lobut50 Tolstoy lessons at Villeurbanne. 04 78 84 91 66. Closed in the evening, Saturday and Sunday. Dish of the day: 11.90 euros. Menu: 24.80 euros. Frogs menu on Friday: 28 euros. Sapper apron: 14.50 euros. Lamb brains: 15 euros. Glass of mâcon clessé: 4 euros.



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