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A few hours before the long-awaited inauguration of the show Germanicus and the Barbarian Wrath in the majestic arenas of Nîmes, the excitement is at its height. A visual dive behind the scenes of these final preparations!

For several months, an army of craftsmen and artists have been working hard on the new Roman Days of Nîmes show.

From the scenario to the sets and costumes, every detail is carefully refined to offer an unforgettable immersive experience. Inspired by a historical event that actually took place in Nîmes in the year 122 AD, namely the triumphant arrival of Emperor Hadrian who came to honor his adoptive mother Plotina, this reconstruction aims to bring these moments back to life glorious of ancient history.

It is therefore in this spirit of celebration and historical reconstruction that the arenas are preparing to host the festivities, as they did centuries ago. “We know that there was then, on the occasion of the arrival of an important personage, like the Emperor Hadrian, festivities and games in the amphitheater. The idea is therefore to bring these arenas back to life! », Testified a few weeks ago to our title Éric Dars, co-writer of the show.

Thus, the show Germanicus and the Barbarian Anger is not content to be a simple theatrical representation, but is part of a broader approach to preserving and promoting the historical and cultural heritage of the region. By recreating these memorable events, organizers hope to offer spectators a unique experience, literally transporting them through time to relive the splendor of Antiquity.

600 re-enactors from all over Europe

So it’s time for the final adjustments, and the excitement, without a doubt, is at its height among the participants. The 600 reenactors, from all over Europe, are preparing to bring the crucial moments of history back to life before our amazed eyes, embodying with passion and dedication the heroes and antagonists of this legendary epic. Accompanied by around a hundred Ministri from the Nîmes arenas, they promise a breathtaking show, mixing action, emotion and suspense, to the greatest pleasure of the spectators.

Despite the rain, it’s time for rehearsals! © AV

In short, the Roman Days of Nîmes promise to be a major cultural event, combining entertainment and education, in an exceptional setting steeped in history. A unique opportunity to dive into the heart of Antiquity, thrill to the rhythm of epic battles and celebrate the richness of Roman heritage in all its splendor!

Without a doubt, there will be action! © AV


Horses, 600 reenactors, sets and costumes. The show promises to be grandiose! © AV

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