At the Coteau, the May 1st tournament once again attracted the crowd

At the Coteau, the May 1st tournament once again attracted the crowd
At the Coteau, the May 1st tournament once again attracted the crowd

Every year, on Labor Day, Olympique Le Coteau organizes its traditional youth tournament (U13, U11). The meeting was a success.

There was a little worry in the ranks of volunteers at the Olympique Le Coteau football club. A worry about the weather. Was the rain going to invite itself to the May 1st tournament? Ultimately, the latter spared the demonstration. Despite a gray sky and a few drops, the tournament escaped the predicted rain.

In total, a thousand young footballers took to the pitches of the Pré des Boeufs stadium this Wednesday, May 1st. If the attendance remains difficult to quantify on a site like that of Pré des Boeufs, 2,500 people used the application allowing them to follow the results of the tournament.

Lyon victory in U11

On a sporting level, the matches were close with quite a few penalty shootouts during the final stages. Penalties which caused a delay on the initial program. In U11, victory went to Olympique Lyon Sud who beat the locals from Coteau in the final (1-0). Roannais Foot 42 won the honorary tournament.

Among the U13s, Andrézieux won by the smallest of margins (1-0) against L’Etrat in the final, thus winning the trophy. In the honor table, it was Rhins-Trambouze who triumphed.

1,200 liters of beer

The OLC thus had a successful day with 1,200 liters of beers passed through. The club has been preparing for this big meeting for several weeks. The Pré des Boeufs site has, for example, been preserved with no training for a month to ensure optimal lawn quality. The weather was therefore mild since the matches were able to take place without rain. The water will just have disrupted the storage of the equipment at the end of the day. No matter, the essential was done. See you in 2025 for the 34th edition.

Text and photos: Benjamin Berthollet and Georges Burellier




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