a real “privilege” for Yannick De Martino

The first two episodes of the parody of the world of influencers written by Marc Brunet are now available on ICI Tou.tv Extra. This fake reality show involves four web stars who “finally get the chance to talk about themselves,” we learned by listening to the trailer.

Some will tell you that it’s hilarious at times, and the representative of The Voice of the East is one of those.

“Marc is an idol, an icon. It is a chance and a privilege to deliver his texts. In fact, I would play Marc Brunet all my life!” said Yannick De Martino on Wednesday evening, in an interview with the daily newspaper of the region where he grew up and where he still lives.

The two men began their professional relationship on the sketch show Like me!

Very positive feedback

Over the past few days, the team Splendor & Influence was able to see the rave reception offered almost unanimously by the Quebec journalistic community. In fact, the work produced by Isabelle Garneau and Jean-François Chagnon was widely known in France even before its official release, being included in the Fresh TV selection of the International Market for Television Programs (MIPTV).

De Martino seems to receive everything with caution and modesty.

“It’s often when you want to please too much that you don’t succeed. I think you should always do things for yourself, to surpass yourself. If your main objective is to achieve a certain notoriety or win trophies, I tell you that it will not happen,” he said, in a way echoing the point of the web series.

“You can’t be better than total surrender, letting go and a ‘come what may’ philosophy.”


The four candidates are the subject of elaborate presentations in the first episode. (Radio-Canada)

Quite a counter-use

From what we have seen so far, Anne Dorval is quite clearly the pillar of a main cast completed by Philippe-Audrey Larrue-Saint-Jacques, Pascale De Blois, Naïla Louidort and Mathieu Dufour. However, the character played by Yannick De Martino quickly catches the eye.

Drano is a pseudo-martial arts enthusiast, father of a little girl with a “peculiar” face and bearer of a “terrible secret”. It’s up to you to discover the details!

“Honestly, basically, there’s not much of me in there. We are really exaggerating. If anyone recognizes themselves in this, they need to work on it!” the original Granbyen clarified, a smile in his voice.

“Drano is aggressive and sanguine. It’s not that he doesn’t have any compassion, but he’s oblivious to what’s going on outside of him.”

Just to make you languish a bit, a new episode will appear every Thursday until June 20.

De Martino is far from making his debut on the small screen. Like many of his colleagues in Splendor & Influence, he was able to transpose his humorous talents from the stage to the world of fiction. And for those who doubt his dedication, know that he gained around fifteen pounds of muscle and lost 17% of body fat to play a guy who often prefers to go without a sweater!

“(The profession of actor), it’s something that I hoped for, but that I didn’t necessarily expect,” admitted the one who was known in the world of improvisation before winning On the way to my first Just for Laughs gala in 2011.

“I love playing and I hope to do it for as long as possible. I think the character of Drano allows me to prove that I have a broader palette than one might think.


Yannick De Martino at a ComediHa gala! Fest, last year (Erick Labbé/Archives Le Soleil)

A “saturated” market?

At this stage, we feel the need to reassure the fans for a long time. Yannick De Martino has no intention of abandoning stand-upeven if he finds himself in a period of transition of his own accord.

The tour for Dalmatians are huge in the countryside is now complete. The 35-year-old artist would probably have enough material for a second solo offering, but for now, he prefers to test it here and there, without much promotion first.

“I find that the humor market is a bit saturated. […] It’s quite anxiety-inducing for everyone. With inflation, it’s becoming difficult for me to have a decent average price.”

“I’m definitely going to go on tour again one day, but there are so many shows on the road right now. I didn’t want to be just one more.”



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