the suspect will be referred this Friday for indictment

the suspect will be referred this Friday for indictment
the suspect will be referred this Friday for indictment

The motorist, who was arrested this Wednesday, May 1 after knocking down three people leaving a club in Toulon, will be presented this Friday, May 3 to the public prosecutor’s office for indictment.

After the death of a young man, knocked down by a motorist leaving a club in Toulon on Wednesday, May 1, the main suspect will be referred this Friday, May 3 for indictment, indicates the prosecutor of the Republic of Toulon.

Pre-trial detention will be required

A judicial investigation into the charge of assassination and assassination attempts will be opened and the placement in pre-trial detention of the motorist will be requested by the prosecution, announces the prosecutor.

“It will be up to the investigating judge to rule on his indictment and to the liberty and detention judge to decide on security measures,” he adds.

The motorist, aged 20, was arrested Wednesday morning at his home in Six-Fours-les-Plages after fleeing during the accident. Placed in police custody for assassination and assassination attempts, the young man had contested any intentional nature of the facts by explaining them “by a pilot error”, indicates the prosecutor.

According to the motorist, he “heard an insult as he passed” and “approached the group to get an explanation”. The various testimonies and video surveillance images show that the driver entered the forbidden direction “then accelerated towards the group of people who managed to avoid him”. A first person was slightly injured.

The vehicle then stopped “then reversed at high speed and hit two people who were part of the group, causing one death and one seriously injured person,” recalls the public prosecutor.

A 21-year-old passenger was also present in the suspect’s car. He presented himself spontaneously at the Toulon police station on the morning of the incident. Placed in police custody, this was lifted after he explained that “his state of alcoholism did not allow him to realize what was going on”.

According to the investigation, a verbal altercation took place between a group of people, including the three victims, and an individual inside the club in front of which the events occurred. A “too insistent attempt at seduction towards a young girl in the group” would be at the origin of these facts.

The report shows a 24-year-old man killed, a 31-year-old man seriously injured and whose life-threatening prognosis is no longer in jeopardy, as well as a 20-year-old man slightly injured.

Laury Holste with Amaury Tremblay

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