Our five favorite flans to try in Paris and Île-de-France

The first recipe for pastry flan, also known as “Parisian flan”, dates back to Roman Antiquity. Its composition having evolved over time, it was not until the beginning of the 20the century that the pastry we know today appeared. The secret of a good flan? The use of quality raw materials: whole milk, sugar, crème fraîche, eggs, cream powder and vanilla pods. If it is now increasingly easier to find very good ones in Ile-de-France, here are five that everyone agrees with.

Stéphane Glacier’s vanilla flan



After teaching in major pastry schools, Stéphane Glacier, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2000, settled in Hauts-de-Seine: in Colombes, in 2008, then in Bois-Colombes, in 2021. We come from everywhere, on Saturday, at Pâtisseries et gourmandises to get smoothly made cakes like the Petit Antoine (crispy praline, hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate cream), or the more classic Saint-Honoré and Paris-Brest.

Our opinion : it’s exactly the classic flan that takes you back to your childhood with every bite. The puff pastry is crispy as can be and the vanilla mixture has a texture that is both supple and creamy. What more ?

Price : 3.60 euros.

Pastries and delicacies 39, rue du Général-Leclerc, Bois-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine).

Vanilla flan from KL Pâtisserie



After learning pastry at the restaurant of the Hotel George V and at L’Ambroisie, Kevin Lacote became, at the age of 26, pastry chef at La Grande Cascade in Paris. After a few years at Hugo & Victor, he left to join chefs Glenn Viel then Yannick Alléno. In 2016, Kevin Lacote opened his pastry-tea room in the capital, with the desire to create pastries without any coloring and adopting an eco-responsible approach (local producers, reduction of plastic packaging, etc.).

Our opinion : as the success is still there, the recipe for Kevin Lacote’s flan has not changed one iota since 2019. The ultra-crispy puff pastry is reinforced before cooking with a crushed dry caramel, while the flan maker has pronounced milky and vanilla flavors. A sure value.

Price : 18 euros (for 4 people), 36 euros (for 6-8 people).

KL Pâtisserie, 78, avenue de Villiers, Paris 17e.

Madagascar vanilla flan from My Little Kitchen



“Taste above all” And “cakes made with passion” : here are Noémie Giorno’s two mantras. An executive in a large French bank, she decides to give up everything to take up baking. In 2019, she joined the Ferrandi gastronomy school to cultivate her passion. Three years later, Noémie Giorno took up residence in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne) to offer a small range of revisited classic cakes – mont blanc, lemon tart, millefeuille – and sweet treats for snacks – cookies, babka , cake.

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