“You have to believe in your dreams”

“You have to believe in your dreams”
“You have to believe in your dreams”

She was elected on April 20, 2024 in Jaunay-Marigny and will represent our department during the Miss Poitou-Charentes election next October at Futuroscope. Noheyla Maadouri is Miss Vienna 2024.

Hello Noheyla. Who are you and why did you run for office?

Noheyla Maadouri: “I am 19 years old, I live in Marçay and I am a high school student, in my final year at the Victor-Hugo high school in Poitiers. After the baccalaureate, I would like to join a BTS Notarial Legal Collaborator (CJN) or a course in law school. When I was little, I danced, then later basketball and horse riding, which I stopped after a fall. I like playing the piano and singing, reading and going out with friends. For several years now, I have wanted to participate in an election like this. We watch Miss France as a family every year. But until then, I lacked self-confidence. It’s sometimes difficult when you’re young to get involved, to assert your choices. But supported by my family and particularly by my mother, this year, I said to myself why not and I tried my luck. »

How was the evening of the election for your title of Miss Vienna?

“It was a very nice evening, a great experience. Obviously there was a bit of stress. It’s not easy to dance and present yourself in front of an audience but we were a very good class and there was a lot of support and mutual help between us. I hadn’t really prepared my presentation text, I just wanted to be simple and authentic. And I didn’t expect to win the title, but it’s a nice surprise and I’m proud of it. »

“Defend the beauty, intelligence and abilities of women”

What state of mind are you in regarding your next participation in Miss Poitou-Charentes, which will qualify for the title of Miss France?

“I hope to carry the voice of the Vienne department. Of course, winning the title of Miss Poitou-Charentes would be one step further. Either way, I’m going to enjoy this evening to the fullest. But life does not end there and above all I hope to keep beautiful memories. You have to believe in your dreams but keep your feet on the ground. »

Noheyla, Miss Vienna 2024, can count on the support of her family and in particular her mother, Latifa.
© (Photo NR-CP, Mathieu Herduin)

What do you want to defend through this participation?

“The beauty, intelligence and abilities of women. Push them to believe in themselves, to develop their self-confidence. Nothing is impossible, you have to get started and not be afraid to dream, otherwise you won’t move forward. The subject of harassment is also particularly close to my heart. It is very present in our society, especially among young people. I myself suffered from this because of my tall height (1.81 m). No differences should result in harassment. It must be firmly fought. »

Election of Miss Poitou-Charentes on Friday October 4, 2024, Kube room at Futuroscope.



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