“We believe in it as long as we can!” »

Ahmad Allée in the jersey of FC Rouen 1899. (Photo Philippe Le Brech)

Architect of FC Rouen’s good season, Iraqi international Ahmad Allée still believes in the rise with the reception of Niort during the 32e National championship day.

Ahmad, if I say that you are the regulator of Rouen, do you agree?

“There are several of us, there is also Benzia (Mustapha) who does good in the middle. He’s having a good season, he’s consistent. We’re around, we’re trying to do the job, to do what the coach asks us, and it’s going pretty well. »

In your role in midfield, are you completely free?

“There is defensive work to be respected; after what is good with the coach, he lets me play my game, he knows that my quality of play is passing, finding teammates forward, behind the defense, between the lines. I have confidence, he doesn’t just ask me to defend, to stay in front of the defense. He asks me to take the ball, to make the play. Then you have to help, you have to defend. »

Have you always had this freedom?

“Where I felt most comfortable was in Rennes, St Brieuc and today in Rouen. I had different coaches with different expectations. I also had different players, I adapted. With Maxime D’Ornano, he’s a coach who lets me play my game! »

Ahmad Allée: “I’m looking to bring more to the team”

Few assists, what do you think you are missing?

“Damien Loppy should finish the actions (sic). It’s clear that I have fewer stats than when I was at Saint-Brieuc. I’m absolutely not looking for that, I’m more looking to contribute to the team, to play. If the stats have to come, they will come. Today, we have results and that’s the most important thing! »

Yes, we are in an era where stats are more important than just the game?

“I know it’s important, the clubs look at this data a lot, the number of matches played, they calculate everything. »

Is the epic Coupe de France still in our heads or not at all?

“A little more, we are frustrated, we would have liked to go to the ½ final of the Coupe de France, I think there was room. After Valenciennes put us to sleep during the match, we fell into their game. And we didn’t put in the performance we needed. »

Have you ever experienced this complicity with the public at the Robert-Diochon stadium before?

“No honestly, it’s the first time! »

“Niort, it’s going to be a big match! »

Are you in Rouen because or thanks to your brother Zana?

“No, it’s thanks to me and the coach because he trusted me. Maybe at the beginning I wasn’t in his plans, there were a lot of backgrounds. »

When you play with your brother on the same team, do you think about giving him the ball as a priority?

“No at all, sometimes I don’t give it to him and he talks to me about it. I don’t think about that, on the pitch, there are no brothers, all the players are the same. I play my game and if I have to give it to him, I will give it to him. »

Who is stronger between him and you?

“Him (smile)!” »

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Looking forward to the end of the championship or looking forward to next season?

“We are trying to play for second place. Martigues, Niort and Nancy are ahead of us. This Friday, we play Niort, it’s going to be a big match. It’s up to us to do the job. Maybe some people are thinking about next year with what’s happening at the club. The coach tries to let us concentrate on the pitch. »

What match do you expect against the Niortais?

“Everything will depend on us, Niort remains a big National team which has just come down from Ligue 2. Their objective is to go straight back up. Before the break, we beat them at home (1-2; December 15, 2023). Everything will depend on us. »

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