“Europe does a lot for the territories” – News

“Europe does a lot for the territories” – News
“Europe does a lot for the territories” – News

Renaissance European MP, Fabienne Keller was campaigning this Thursday in Nîmes. The opportunity for her to recall the importance of Europe in the daily lives of the French.

“Europe is a shared concept. It proved its strength and usefulness during Covid in its ability to negotiate a billion doses of vaccine. She participated in the recovery plan that followed. Through European funds, it also does a lot for the territories. » Fabienne Keller is a convinced European. And having been mayor of Strasbourg, seat of the European Parliament of which she has been a Renaissance elected official since 2019, obviously strengthens her commitment.

Fabienne Keller (center alongside Valérie Rouverand) at the halls with activists. (photo FP)

She was visiting Nîmes this Thursday. The opportunity, in the company of Valérie Rouverand, the president of the Gard section of Renaissance, to meet activists and volunteers from Amaos in Pissevin (Association for mediation and assistance with educational guidance) , to visit the Phytocontrol company, which benefits from European funding, and to host a public meeting, at the end of the day, in the presence of other parties of the presidential majority, on asylum and migration.

“A curiosity for Europe”

This is a theme on which the parliamentarian works particularly in parliament. This year, this one adopted a pact which constitutes the final step in the process of a common policy on asylum and migration at European level. It will come into force in two years. ” We will beassures Fabienne Keller, in better management. We will organize ourselves with firmness and humanity. »

Currently, in the voting intentions, the list led by Valérie Hayer is credited with 16%. It is followed by the PS – Place publique and far behind the RN. Fabienne Keller regrets the nationalization of this campaign. But she notes, throughout her visits and her meetings, a “curiosity for Europe” and agrees with the need for more education to plead its usefulness.

In 2019, she appeared in seventh position on the list then led by Nathalie Loiseau for the Renaissance group and its partners which had achieved 22.42%, sending 23 elected officials to parliament. The one led this year by Valérie Hayer has not yet been announced.

” Countryside, she said again, begins to be visible”, assures Fabienne Keller who hopes for a mobilization of pro-Europeans in France. In any case, the presidential majority has a month ahead of it to try to catch up.




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