-COLLECTIVITES-FONCIER / Land rights: a PROCASSEF mission expected in Ziguinchor – Senegalese press agency

Ziguinchor, May 2 (APS) – The deputy governor of Ziguinchor in charge of Administrative Affairs, Sidi Guissé Diongue, chaired, Thursday, a preparatory workshop for a mission of the Cadastre and Land Security Project (PROCASEF) relating to the inventory , to the collection and registration of land rights, in this southern region.

“This workshop aims to prepare a PROCASEF field mission, relating to the inventory, collection and registration of land rights,” explained the administrative authority, in the presence of several department heads and stakeholders from the Ziguinchor region.

“It was specifically a matter of sharing with the actors in the Ziguinchor region, the methodology of this mission, specifying the roles and responsibilities of the actors and planning the activities,” he added.

The deputy governor invited them to show greater commitment and responsibility for better land management.

“We are in the operational phase of the project where we must now go into the field and systematically register the land,” explained the technical coordinator of PROCASEF, Allain Diouf.

“There is land in that is a Source of conflict. The observation has always been made. What is needed now to help the government is to move towards the horizons,” he recommended, believing that we “cannot address the land issue by attacking one link in the land security chain”.

“We need a global approach to take into account the land issue,” suggested Mr. Diouf, announcing that the project plans to train 145 land agents.

According to him, “to achieve good land security, we must act massively on land security infrastructure”.

“The players must also be prepared to take on the innovations that will be put in place and then to master the space. Sovereignty begins first with mastery of one’s space. A State must know who occupies each plot and space of its territory,” he further noted. In addition, he says, Senegal has become an oil and gas country.

“And all the countries that have become oil and gas, in terms of land and land management have been completely disrupted, because of the very strong pressure on land,” warned Mr. Diouf.

He recalled that PROCASEF is responsible for promoting land governance but also improving land security and clarification in Senegal.

Financed by the World to the tune of 80 million dollars, or nearly 50 billion CFA francs, it is implemented by the State of Senegal. The project operates in eight municipalities in the Ziguinchor region. In the other regions of Casamance, the project operates in seven communes of Sédhiou and twelve of Kolda.




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