With the arrival of the “Club Colette” in Strasbourg, those over 55 are doing the 400 tricks again

Colette is the name given to this club which brings together people aged 55 and over. Its goal ? Bringing together women and men who don’t know each other around cultural, sporting, intellectual activities, or simply to have a drink whenever they want. We spoke with the first members of this informal club, which has just opened its Alsatian branch, and we tell you everything about this lovely new thing.

Created in 2020, Club Colette was originally an intergenerational cohabitation service. It connected people wishing to find accommodation, and seniors able to offer part of their accommodation for rental.

Very quickly, the hosts, put in contact on a dedicated platform, wanted to meet to exchange ideas and participate in numerous activities together.

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Connections were quickly made and the community grew… From now on, more than 7,000 activities are offered each year in more than 12 cities in France, largely in Paris and its surroundings where the club has its origins.

But good news: since this Tuesday, April 23, that’s it, Club Colette is coming to Strasbourg! And of course, we were present (just long enough to chat a little with the members) during the premiere at Café Michel.

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The Colette Club: encouraging beginnings and Colettes motivated for the rest of the events!

Annie is 70 years old. Very elegant in her pretty black dress, she is the first to come to the table. A few days ago, she came across a publication concerning Club Colette on social networksand it was quite natural that she signed up for this meeting – organized at 3 p.m. sharp.

Her husband unfortunately died two years ago, she feels the need to go out and meet people rather than “to ruminate at home”, she said, not without a slight touch of humor.

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Annie wanted to embark on the club adventure without thinking too muchand she is also not short of various outings. Cinema every week, outings to museums, she is also part of an association which organizes trips, she therefore leaves twice a year via this one.

Describing herself as dynamic, curious and open-minded, this former bank employee listens and even takes notes as the other participants begin to introduce themselves.

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Opposite her, we find Fabienne, 63 years old. Retired for only three weeks, she enjoys having also worked in a bank. “Maybe we were competitors! “, she says to Annie, in a real burst of laughter which feels good and relaxes everyone.

She also discovered Club Colette by chance, while browsing social networks. Very connected, she wanted to prepare for her retirement by planning activities like the one in which she participates today.

Very sporty, she does not hesitate to hike more than 25 kilometers per day, and it is sport, among other things, which helps him to surpass himself and keep busy since the end of his activity. Take walks, drink coffee from time to time, participate in activities organized by members, meet people…. Fabienne also seems very motivated and full of enthusiasm.

Club Colette first meeting in Strasbourg Café Michel
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In turn, Joséphine is settling in quietly, she is 74 years old. At her place, we can distinguish a very elegant English accent. Recently living in Mittelhausbergen, she wants to meet new people, for example to go to the Star cinema which she likes very much, and which she frequents often.

She would also like go for an aperitif and sit down at a restaurant more often with new acquaintances, because as she says so well “alone it’s not fun, I do it, but it’s not fun”.

Obviously mischievous, and far from being devoid of humor, this former employee in an association (which takes care of children in difficulty) is comfortable. She chats without any shyness with the people around the table, who were strangers until 20 minutes ago.

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Finally, because we must leave before taking up too much space in the discussions, we discuss with Monique, member but also captain of this afternoon. She is, in a way, the spokesperson for the Colettes today.

She is retired, but she also gives courses in the history of art, the history of medicine, Pilate, and languages ​​at the popular university, just that ! Very attentive, and visibly enthusiastic, she gives us a summary of this first meeting of Club Colette and the discussions that followed our departure:

“The atmosphere for this first meeting was very nice, because all the people came from different backgrounds, but the expectations were the same. We have noted interest in very classic shared activities such as walks, hikes, meetings at the cinema, at a restaurant, but the main goal remains to be able to go out together and in company. In some people, we felt a state of solitude, hence a need to immediately plan a next outing, for others, it was just a first contact. Some have already re-registered for the next aperitifs and coffees… It’s a good sign! NOW, It’s up to us Colettes to become active and suggest outings. »

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You now know more about Club Colette : a group of women and men (even if today, there were almost only women), who want to get together easily.

In total autonomy, the members will perhaps in turn invest in the development of the community, and who knows, maybe the Colette Club in Strasbourg and surrounding areas will soon have dozens of members! In any case, we hope so.

And if you would like to register for the next Colette activity (Friday April 26 at 5 p.m., at Café Michel), it’s this way.



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