Meeting between sport and art at the Raphaël Verroux urban park in Fort-de-France

Meeting between sport and art at the Raphaël Verroux urban park in Fort-de-France
Meeting between sport and art at the Raphaël Verroux urban park in Fort-de-France

Yesterday (Wednesday May 1), it was time for the final bomb blasts on the new fresco which covers the floor of the basketball court in the Raphaël Verroux urban park, on the heights of Dillon, in Fort-de-France.

This project was one of three selected, among more than a hundred, as part of the 2024 Cultural Olympiad. The objective: to help the realization of projects which defend both the values ​​of sport and Culture.

This project was initiated by the Vis ton rêve association. It is collaborative, the residents of the neighborhood were able to participate. It is also a collaboration between two renowned artists: the graffiti artist Oshea and a Congolese artist, Seencelor LaBombe, who for the occasion made his first trip to Martinique.

Sahar Dadsetanfrom the Vis ton rêve association, explains the project.

We had the opportunity to organize a basketball court redevelopment project. We wanted to invite two artists to mix styles and create a link between Africa and the Caribbean. These are two cultures that meet. The idea is to mix styles and techniques. Seencelor has posed his great characters, he pays homage to the Amazons. African masks are also present. Oshea instead brought his little touch with his graphic style and patterns. The two merged and brought their touch to this enormous format.

Sébastien Dimitile, aka Osheamultidisciplinary painter from Martinique, talks about the collaboration with Seencelor

I appreciate what he does because he is part of a very traditional cultural dynamic. And I also have work that focuses on this universe. What I especially want people to see is a beautiful work done by a brother from Africa and then someone from the country who converged to be able to create a unique work. It is art above all.

Seencelor is one of the first graffiti artists in West Africa. He explains a little about the symbolism of what he wanted to bring by participating in this work.

The two characters at the top express the joy of winning and the rage of defending one’s camp. There are two figures at the top, a woman and a man, to express gender equality. The gentleman is in a defensive position. The lady, I put her in an Amazon outfit, who are fighting women warriors who fought for the liberation of Africa against the colonists. We must always promote African culture, the memory of Benin.

This fresco, with its bright colors, brings dynamism and joy to the neighborhood, according to Sahar Dadsetan.

It will bring a little color, culture, a more pleasant place to live, because it is proven, art therapy, color, is good for everyone. Over time, as we visit, we always get good feedback, locals come to congratulate us at the end of the day. If we do all this, it’s for the residents, before the artistic side. And we really liked this little challenge of combining sport and art as part of the call for projects for the Cultural Olympiads.



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