In Le Mans, Thomas Cazenave announces 38 new positions for public finances

“Since 2019, the General Directorate of Public Finances has organized a relocation of its services, in particular to leave the Paris region and settle everywhere in the territories” recalls, in the preamble, Thomas Cazenave: and if the Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts came this Thursday, May 2 to Le Mans, it is precisely to formalize the establishment of a “contact center dedicated to businesses.

With thirty-eight officials

On the same model as that which processes requests from individuals, already installed in Sarthe, this structure reserved for professionals should be operational from September 2025 : “There are thirty-eight people who will join Le Mans, positions will be created here in Le Mans for this national service which will make it possible to answer questions, particularly by telephone, which will come from everywhere” specifies Thomas Cazenave.

Other openings will follow

“Too long, too often, I hear that we would abandon the territories, that is not the case supports the minister who will “in the coming months” he promises, “the opportunity to announce other locations, in other cities, of these new services”… largely based on long-distance relationships: “I consider that the telephone is a priority for public services, it is practical and allows, once the taxpayer is informed, that he does not have to travel”.




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