Lens – Lorient: “I’m tired of talking about last season”, annoys Jonathan Gradit

Lens – Lorient: “I’m tired of talking about last season”, annoys Jonathan Gradit
Lens – Lorient: “I’m tired of talking about last season”, annoys Jonathan Gradit

“If I had the solution, it would be simpler. Unfortunately, I don’t have it. I think we showed a lack of maturity. I’m thinking of the goal against Metz just before half-time and the second goal we conceded against Marseille where we played too quickly. We must eliminate these avoidable errors. The coach puts things in place but it’s up to us, the players, to react. »

Do these errors come from mental fatigue that is more present than last season?

“Frankly, I’m tired of talking about last season. We are three days from the end and we are still talking about last season. That’s what’s tiring above all, it’s comparing yourself to last season. There is inevitably some wear and tear but that is logical at the end of a championship. There have been ups and downs and we hope that we will be able to react against Lorient. »

You are still sixth and you still have the opportunity not to waste this season…

“Keeping this sixth place would be very good. It’s a goal. We have to keep this position, we have to win the last three matches, there is no calculation to do. You shouldn’t look at what others are going to do. We have to win and we are going to need our public. We have had a lot of victories at home and it is partly thanks to our supporters. I hope they will be there because the match against Lorient will be very important. If we are pushed there is no reason why we cannot do the job properly. »

How do you feel about the current demands of your supporters?

“It’s a club that is unique and therefore obviously our audience is also unique. This kind of reaction is to be expected. We must not forget that Seko Fofana or Loïs Openda, who were important last season, were the first to be criticized. You have to expect everything, that’s logical. But our supporters must also benefit from the presence of such a strong coach or the presence of Brice Samba, we have not had forty goalkeepers like him. Rightly, our supporters can criticize because we haven’t always done things perfectly but they must also benefit from having players of this caliber. »

Isn’t that frustrating compared to your journey this season?

“You also have to see the glass half full because we have often been pushed this season. I particularly remember the home match against Arsenal. There are disproportionate reactions at times but that’s part of the club. We are going to need our supporters. Everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction. It would be fantastic to secure European qualification for the second consecutive season, especially if we remember our ranking after five days. »

What will be the keys to winning against Lorient?

“We know there is quality in this team but we will have to concentrate on ourselves first. We will have to be tight on both surfaces and be realistic as soon as we have opportunities. »



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