“We are simply facing our limits”

“We are simply facing our limits”
“We are simply facing our limits”

With only one victory in the last thirteen matches, Amiens SC ends the season on a downward slope. Blame it on injuries, lack of offensive weight and missed turns. These are so many reasons which make one say Omar Daf that his team could not do better, even if it did not give up according to him. Interview before traveling to BastiaFriday (8 p.m.) on the occasion of the 36th day of Ligue 2.

Omar Daf, you regularly insist on the need to not give up, but things are stuck at the moment in terms of results…

My job is to always push the players to their maximum and get the most out of this squad. We missed key moments, especially at home. This is where it played out. Away, the team went for points in difficult matches. Today we still have three matches left. My role is to always pull the team up. But we can have regrets. There is no weariness, we always try to do better to see how far some boys can go. But the situation is not simple. Against Troyes, we played with a lot of boys at the end of their contract. At the end of the season, we will be confronted with this reality. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding their future, but they remain very professional and committed. If their minds are a little elsewhere? It’s human. Despite everything, you have to make the most of it. There were certain matches where we expected better in terms of spectacle, but the boys did not give up in terms of their state of mind.

You mentioned the players at the end of their contract. Unconsciously, can they slow down a little?

No, they are professionals who know what they have to do. We have a group that reacts very well. Now it’s human. When you have so many players at the end of their contract at the end of the season, it can be tricky. But they are still concerned and invested. We must continue to bring them in this direction and finish this season well.

Are you ready to respond to the intensity that will be offered to you in Bastia?

It’s the minimum. These are matches where you have to be responsive. It’s part of their DNA. That’s good, we also have responsiveness and a certain solidity. At this level, I don’t worry. I expect my players to focus on something else: our ability to produce plays, to create even more opportunities. It’s a solid team, but it’s up to us to put out a big game if we want to win.

On the move, the team has a certain solidity, character and response.

Omar Daf, coach of Amiens SC.

Is a trip to Corsica always special?

When we travel to Marseille, to Lens, to the Parc des Princes… Each match and each trip, there is a context to be addressed. The truth always happens on the ground, we must ignore everything that happens outside. Today, there are very high-level referees and tools that allow debates to be managed. It’s up to us to concentrate on the field and bring home the three points, as we have on a lot of trips.

Lately, you have been performing better away than at home. Is it because you don’t have the game to play for yourself?

I wouldn’t say that, it’s different. On the road, the team has a certain solidity. How to explain it? I don’t know, it could also be the characteristics of our players. They have character and responsiveness. We had complicated trips where we reacted, like at QRM even if the end of the match escaped us. We never travel to get a draw. Every time, we want to produce the best show and win. But today, we are simply facing our limits.

Comments collected by Romain PECHON with Enzo PAILOT

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