La Boucherie des Chutes is getting a makeover

La Boucherie des Chutes, located in Charny, unveiled, on April 16, its new visual identity, designed for several months, and its new growth plan.

Created in 2007 by Mark Fournier, Boucherie des Chutes is located at 3648, avenue des Belles-Amours, in Charny. Offering a selection of artisanal products made in the old-fashioned way, the butcher’s mission, when it was created, was to “bring back to its customers the experience of butcher shops of yesteryear.”

Thus, the latter offers beef, aged beef, cold meats, around thirty kinds of sausages, marinated products, homemade products and other products, such as chicken, beer, pork, sauces and cheese.

New visual identity

Setting itself the objective of having “an image that reflects their essence”, the company had already renewed the logo and the facade of the building in 2015. In 2017, as part of the festivities for the 10th anniversary of Boucherie des Chutes, the The interior of the butcher shop had been revamped to “offer a more user-friendly experience for customers”.

This year, the butcher shop has once again had a facelift, revealing a brand new logo.

“Our goal with this logo change is to be more modern. We want to stand out and this is the way to do it. In addition, when we made a change in 2015, it gave a second wind to the butchery, so that’s what we’re looking for once again,” mentioned Mark Fournier.

This new brand image still focuses on the seal of excellence in the background, “which symbolizes at a high level the quality of the products offered”, and retains its “rubber stamp” aesthetic, “which gives it its rustic and authentic side” . The ox’s head now takes up more space, while the readability of the name “becomes a strength of the logo.” Everything was designed and produced by Mathieu Plante.

“This new logo is more suitable because it is more modern. It is also more refined than our old one. Personally, I find it more flashy too, so we are very happy with it,” said the owner of the butcher shop.

In addition to the logo, a new humorous slogan was unveiled, “I like your steak”. The latter, “imagined to be said with a smirk, is friendly and bold and will serve as a lever to enhance advertisements and attract attention.”

Not the only novelty

Always with the aim of modernizing, Mark Fournier admitted that in addition to the logo, other new features will see the light of day.

First, a growth plan was thought out. The latter aims for the Lévis-based company to serve a wider clientele. Several projects linked to this plan are therefore underway and under discussion and the team is currently developing “new products and improving its recipes”.

Then, the website is also “getting a makeover.” This is currently being updated and the results will be revealed later this year.



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