Conservatives renew calls for President Fergus to resign

The Conservatives renewed calls on Wednesday for the resignation of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Greg Fergus, deeming him biased after he had, the day before, expelled their leader, Pierre Poilievre, due to his repeated refusals to withdraw the remarks uttered when he called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “crazy”.

He must resign. It’s a shamesaid Alberta MP Michael Cooper, rushing into the room where the Conservative caucus meeting was going to be held.

Mr. Fergus did not give in to new pressure from the official opposition, if we trust his spokesperson, Mathieu Gravel, who declared in the afternoon that President […] has no intention of resigning.

Conservative MP Michael Barrett criticized President Fergus for having a double standard by failing to sanction the prime minister for personal insults towards his leader.

John Brassard, a former Conservative House leader, found it particularly unworthy the fact that Mr. Trudeau implies and insinuates that we are somehow white nationalists or racists without there being any consequence.

Can you imagine the leader or prime minister of a G7 country referring to the opposition party like this? he asked reporters. According to him, this unparliamentary language of Mr. Trudeau makes it more at fault than the Conservative leader.

Mr. Trudeau did not answer journalists’ questions as he went to his own caucus meeting on Wednesday morning.

The Conservatives did not table a motion on Wednesday aimed at having the House of Commons show Mr. Fergus the door.

During a previous attempt last December, the president held on after obtaining a slim majority of support thanks to the Liberals and the New Democrats.

More civilized debates

It was night and day during question period on Wednesday, compared to the day before. Both the conservative leader and his liberal opponent lowered their tone, or even two or even three, so much so that the president encouraged elected officials to continue in this positive vein.

During the debates, Mr. Poilievre stayed the course with his questions on opioids despite Mr. Trudeau, noting in passing his new, more reasonable toneasked him to confirm that he does not support extremists, white supremacist organizations like Diagolon or want their votes.

This is once again falsereplied the Conservative leader, without specifying further.


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The Liberals criticized Pierre Poilievre for his meeting with demonstrators who allegedly have links to the far right. (Archive photo)

Photo: The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld

The Speaker interrupted Liberal backbencher Anju Dhillon as she asked a question of the Prime Minister that appeared to follow the same line of accusations, asking him to arrive at a question which falls within the administration of the government.

The Montreal elected official continued by inviting Mr. Trudeau to say how the government will protect the government against extremist groups and what is the responsibility of all political leaders.

Ms. Dhillon was one of three Liberal MPs to ask Justin Trudeau a question on this same subject.

Previously and on several occasions, the Prime Minister brought up the issue of extremism by answering questions that did not relate to this subject.

A thin support

Although the leader of the Bloc Québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, had fun on Tuesday by affirming that the expulsion of the conservative leader was a decision of common sensethe political party maintains that it has lost confidence in the president.

Greg Fergus was accused not only of having participated in a partisan event after being elected president, but also of having taken part in his presidential outfit and in his office in a video to congratulate a friend, a recording which was presented at a convention of the Ontario Liberal Party.

We made our bed a long time ago, summarized the Bloc leader in the House, Alain Therrien, questioned near a parliament building. He added that Tuesday’s events confirm that Mr. Fergus is struggling to keep the peace in the Commons.


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New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh

Photo: The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick

At the New Democratic Party, whose support is decisive, leader Jagmeet Singh reiterated his confidence in the president. He compared Mr. Poilievre to bullies who have not not the courage to accept responsibility for their actions when called to order.

For the deputy chief, Alexandre Boulerice, Mr. Fergus simply applied the rules facing a conservative leader who knew exactly what he was doing.

It’s a kind of set-up where he wanted to look like a victim, then a martyr. In fact, a fundraising email went out immediately afterwards.

A quote from Alexandre Boulerice, deputy leader of the New Democratic Party

Allusions to Trump

In the Liberal ranks, the interim House leader, Steven MacKinnon, explained to journalists his similar reading of the situation. He added a layer by drawing a parallel between Mr. Poilievre’s conservatives and the playbook of the extreme populist right around the world.

He, in the same breath, alluded to former American President Donald Trump while avoiding naming him. Conservatives, […] They enter democratic institutions, break the rules and, when called to order, they come out and say they are victims. […] You will have noticed that there is another leader who did this yesterday, leaving a court in New York, saying that he was muzzledlaunched Mr. MacKinnon.

>>Pablo Rodriguez speaks standing in the Commons.>>

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Pablo Rodriguez is Quebec’s lieutenant in the Trudeau government.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Justin Tang

Asked whether the Liberals are adding fuel to the fire, Justin Trudeau’s lieutenant for Quebec, Pablo Rodriguez, instead defended his leader by asserting that he was only stating facts.

Mr. Poilievre went to meet white supremacists, people from the extreme right. We just ask that he denounce them, he can’t do it. This is a problem in itselfdid he declare.

Tuesday, after having qualified shameful and spineless Mr. Poilievre’s leadership, Mr. Trudeau took the opportunity to allude to the latter’s recent meeting with demonstrators who would have links with the far right.

Mr. Rodriguez, in answering another question in a press scrum on Wednesday, used the expression add fuel to the fire to turn it against Mr. Poilievre.

Fergus]asked Mr. five times.Poilievre to withdraw his comments unworthy of a parliamentarian and which add fuel to the fire”,”text”:”[M.Fergus] asked Mr. Poilievre five times to withdraw his comments unworthy of a parliamentarian and which add fuel to the fire”}}”>[M. Fergus] asked Mr. Poilievre five times to withdraw his comments unworthy of a parliamentarian and which add fuel to the firesaid the man who is also federal Minister of Transport.

Greg Fergus was elected under the Liberal banner in the riding of Hull-Aylmer, but in his role as Speaker of the House, he must be an impartial arbiter of the work in the Commons.



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